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Are u a hoarder?????


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Since doing SW I've noticed I hoard tinned food and packet food lol lol, if I go to the cupboard and there is only one tin of chopped toms I start to panic a little lol lol I must have ten packets of Super-noodles lol anyone else out there the same?? I need to start using things up lol

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I do it too. Trouble is I don't always use it up. I think for me it is a comfort thing! If I feel stressed or depressed I buy loads of tins and packets. They stay there all lined up and ready. For what? I can't eat them all! Crazy huh?


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Lol I think mine is a comfort thing also it's like I have to have at least 6 of everything lol lol and when I'm down to only 2 I put it back on my list lol lol it's like I hav a fear of running out ha ha

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Here we call that being prepared. Just remember to rotate your stock (use the oldest first). It's actually a good way to save money too. Buy lots when something is on sale so you won't need to buy again until it is offered on discount again.

No matter why you can't make it to the shops; weather, strikes, riots, illness, lack of transport, funds, or an attack of the lazies, you will always have healthy food available.
OOOh, so true Foxy! LOL. Specially when they do the multi packs of things. I once had so many tins of toms and baked beans I couldn't find enough space to store them....wish I could get an addiction to not eating too much!!
I can't believe you start panicing when you've got one tin of tomatoes left. I panic when there are less than 5 in the cupboard!!

I hoard all sorts of foods: Mugshots, savoury rice, pasta, noodles - whenever they are on offer i buy a bunch.


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kingleds said:
I can't believe you start panicing when you've got one tin of tomatoes left. I panic when there are less than 5 in the cupboard!!

I hoard all sorts of foods: Mugshots, savoury rice, pasta, noodles - whenever they are on offer i buy a bunch.
Lol 5!!!!!

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foxy_lox said:
Lol 5!!!!!

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I might have to make a chilki, some soup & have tomatoes for brekkie all in one day - then i'd be left with only 2 tins and THAT would be unthinkable!

I know, I'm a bit mental
nothing to dowith sw but after watching the CSI episode about hoarding, i shudder when i hear that word...
Suddenly I feel at home :D

I have just mentioned on my diary that I have a "siege mentality" when it comes to food -but I do stock rotate and never waste anything ;)

We are moving back to the UK in about 16 weeks and I have a small chest freezer and a part freezer above the fridge jam packed that Im having to work my way through -anyone want to help :p -its pretty much mainly fish, seafood, meat, berries ooh and cheese -no junk etc -so we should be able to live fairly cheaply for now (If I can resist a bargain)-which I can't :eek: -todays haul included a huge chicken whoopsed to €2 -which did dinner and made 2 tubs of meat and the carcass has made a remoska full of butternut squash soup :D
Hubby never understood my "illness" until we stayed with some of his relative for 2 weeks and after seeing empty everythings -he decided I wasn't as daft afterall :D

I have shelves in the basement here for all the extra dried goods and 1 fridge and the chest freezer down there -GAWD knows what Im going to do when we move home-we have no basement :cry:
I am another one. I like too see a neat well stocked cupboard and fridge and freezer and anything else I can fill.

I can not resist BOGOFS, they are so new here. I can not walk past a tempting offer in any shape or form.

Bachelor's Tomato, Onion and Herb Pasta was a BOGOF for a few weeks. Now I have more than the store.....English butter was a BOGOF for 2 weeks . The freezer is full of butter. This week Mature Cheddar is a BOGOF...guess who is buying it at every opportunity............yup you are right MOI !!!!

I think it is a nesting thing.


I will be a Princess!
I'm a terrible hoarder. I'm moving house at the end of my summer holiday, and when I was packing up all my stuff in Pembrokeshire I was horrfied by how many packs of savoury rice and pasta and sauce I have :eek: I could probably eat for a month if all I wanted to eat was pasta and sauce and savoury rice, lol! :8855: I've brought a lot of it home so I'm now trying to munch my way through it all :)

I think this stems from my childhood days when I used to hoard stationery. I had a bit of an obsession with rubbers. Now I'm a teacher I can hoard pens, rulers, rubbers, pencils etc to my heart's content! :D:D :8855:
I love this thread! What I hoard apart from food is clothes. I have so many different sizes it is ridiculous!! I don't imagine I will ever be a size 10 again at my age. Size 12 maybe. Size 14 probably. The rest can go to charity shops as soon as I carry on losing. Hopefully!!
liliferjade said:
I hoard clothes too. I have clothes I have bought in the hope that they will one day fit me and clothes that are far too big for me, think I may charity shop the ones that are too big as I don't plan to get back into them!
I was defo like this until i started SW in Jan. Now i am completely ruthless. If its too big it goes. I have gone from a wardrobe, 1 shelf & 2 x 6 draw chests full of clothes to 1/2 a wardrobe, & 1 shelf. I admit the first time i saw how few clothes i now have i paniced BIG time!!

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