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are you a reborn slimming world member??

just wondered if anyone like me returned to slimming world after messing up again???
i returned in june 09 after putting all plus 3 more stones on, i just couldnt get the fact into my head that i was slimmer and all the possitive comments i got just made me feel uncomfortable, does that make any sense :flirt2:
well i returned to the same group and i havent looked back, been losing steadily and so far i have lost 5 stones 7 lb and to make it better i can now say thank you when i get a compliment,
what a strange head i must have :eek:
although i have about 2 1/2 stones to get to a healthy weight, im loving the developing me:D
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Wow, well done you! I lost 3st 10lbs a few years ago then went and got preggers and put on 4+ stone. My little boy is 3 now and I have 9lbs or so to get to target! I've probably found it easier this time around as I know SW works and I know what it feels like to be slim!
I started SW in January 1999 to lose weight for my wedding in July 1999 - I lost 1 1/2 stone I was 8 stone 3lb - then after the wedding I never went back. I've since had 2 boys & piled the weight on, I never really saw myself as fat/overweight but this year after starting a new job (Support Assistant at a Special Needs school) I decided to rejoin SW - I've lost 9lbs in 6 weeks but as you can see from my ticker I've still got a long way to go. Don't think I'll ever get back to the weight I was when I got married but 9 stone would do me.

Well done to you both, you've both done fab!!
This is my 4th attempt but this time im making it more a life plan rather than a diet!! Every time I return Im a stone lighter than the time i joined b4 so it show that it works!
Because I was bigger to begin with I feel my losses are smaller and not a good but when looking at it im now 3stone lighter than I was the first time round and my diet hasnt had the massive change it has the 1st time i joined!!
My C always says once ur on the plan no matter how long ur not going to WI u still seem to remember the plan in the back of your head and I defo believe this otherwise everytime I went bk befor I would have put it all back on!!
But this is the return to SW to make it all worth while .. this time I will do it!!xx


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This is my 6th time with SW, and this time it's for life! I did target the first time but soon after went off the rails as I found red & green too restrictive. The other attempts were half hearted. This time, I have been enthused since day one, thanks to EE!
i have done slimming world that many times i've lost count but this time its for life not just a race to the finish like the other times.
i'm more relaxed it can take over a year i don't care cause this time its for life
i am, have gone from 17st 10 after the birth of my daughter in 2007, my lowest so far being 15st 5 in 2 goes, i put on a stone inbetween atempts, will succeed this time....

started bulk cooking so i dont loose my way again!

i stopped again in feb, back on last week, put on 9lbs after loosing 7

want to be a yummy mummy for my wee girl, she deserves it


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This is my 4th go at SW. I previously lost 4 stone then gave up and put 2 1/2 stone back on before rejoining in January. I'm definitely not as motivated as I was at the first attempt!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
I've tried SW twice before and never lost as much or felt so motivated! It doesn't really matter what plan you follow - if your head's not in it, it's a real struggle! xx
i totaly agree if your head isnt right your body isnt ready, im 100% motivated this time, and really need to be, :)
being on these threads also helps loads,
im off to my post holiday wi in about an hour :flirt2:

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