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Are you beautiful?


Enjoying life!
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I have always been told I have a pretty face or a lovely personality and all those other wonderfully insulting comments that people think they are complimenting you with!

But today....I decided I am beautiful, not because I have lost alot of weight which appears to make you more socially acceptable but because I am me! :D

Are you?

Kat xx
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Playing the Angel
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Brilliant thread Kat, and yes yes yes I am!!! I have always considered myself "attractive, but not pretty" but now I realise that I am wonderful in my own way ith all my good, my bad, my ugly, my pretty damn good, and my ups and downs, my life that shows on my face and my body! Yup beaaaaaaautiful!!

Your thread is inspirational!!!!!!!!!

Yeah Kat - good one

I think it's being at peace with ourselves that makes us beautiful.
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Wow, made me think there Kat! Like you I was often told I had a pretty face, but knew it was really because they couldn't find anything else to say.

I feel happy with myself at the moment and am loving developing a new me in terms of clothing style. I can see my eyes shining back at me in the mirror and I have a great smile. But the best bit is my hubby's response. He is clearly very, very delighted with my new shape and look:flirt2:. He definitely makes me feel beautiful.

But, do I think I'm beautiful. Well, yes I do! Your post made me really think about it. Thanks!


Happy in my own skin
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Ohh great thread Kat.

Well I've always had a high opinion of myself looks wise.....lol. I always felt sexy, even at my heaviest, and I've been fortunate enough throughout my adult life to be told a lot that I look great, but for all that, what makes me feel beautiful is me. I like myself as a person, I think I am warm, kind, loving and caring, and that to me is what makes me feel beautiful........ohh and finally accepting the stretch marks on my tummy....:D


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I have always liked myself as a person. I always try to walk in peoples shoes, and try not to make quick judgements. I have always been told (mainly by my mum lol) that i have a nice aura, and a pretty face.However, I have to say, I have never descibed myself as beautiful. Im starting to feel a lot prettier as Im getting slimmer. Maybe one day I wont feel 'embarrased' to call myself beautiful.
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have been thinking about this all day

i know i want to say yes - as its the right thing to say everyone is beautiful in their own way, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder etc etc but i'm not sure if i really believe it!

i think i'm nice

i am a nice person inside and i look nicer now on the outside - but the word 'beautiful' doesn't sit well with me!

daisy x
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I'd have to agree with Daisy - I just don't think I would ever consider myself "beautiful". Not because I have low self esteem (quite the opposite :p) and not in a "woe is me" type way, I just don't think I am. I don't think I am unattractive, I'm actually very happy with how I look (now), I just wouldn't choose the word beautiful to describe myself :)

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