Are you doing anything to help your skin as you lose weight?

I'm really worried about lose skin, has anyone got any tips to minimise the chance of getting it, I'm only 19 so I'm hoping it will go back but I don't know cos I have been overweight for so long.

I have heard of bio oil and cocoa butter, do they help at all?
What about if I used a body scrub everyday to promote new skin? Do you think that would work?
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I use bio oil every day
also baby oil gel

and lush body butter!

I use it everwhere!

Would you say that it is working?

In which order you use them?

I was thinking.....

1) exfoliate with sugar salt scrub
2) use some form of baby oil and let it soak in for about 20 mins
3)then shower
4) then use bio oil
5)top up with palmers cocoa butter through out the day

Good plan? think it will work?


now got pictures in album
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hmm, I use them all! I dont really have a plan, other than in the bath I have the baby oil gel and an exfoliator, however, I think the bio oil is the best for the saggy skin situation!! I think whatever you use, will be better than nothing and lots of exercise too.


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Water is also important very important "Hydration level of the skin is one of the most important factors which influence skin elasticity."
(both by drinking & externally by bathing)

Like lillypop says exercise, you don't have to work out hard - do toning exercises for your problem areas ie bottom of tummy, upper arms etc - so can find vids on youtube that show you what exercises to do for a particular part of your body - that way you will build muscles under the fat.

Age, is on your side & moisturing & exfoliating like you mentioned is also very good.


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yup - ive started to moisturise all over daily.


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Moisturing is brill, as it hydrates the skin.

I heard it's best to avoid sunbeds & sunbathing as that really dries out the skin, as our skin is going through enough trying to snap back into shape (so it's probably true)


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Make sure you drink masses of water and eat all your meals, bit of toning exercise can only help also. Touch wood mine isnt too bad, tummy is a little lose as is chest and bottom of my arms(known as bingo wings on women) but figure as I exercise after cd bits will improve.
Skin is apparently genetic so they say its good to look at an older family member. My mum and gran had ok skin but lots of stretch marks and guess what im the same :( need to get some of that hair grow lotion on my tummy that Shane Warne advertises on the back page of the paper :)
Age is definately on your side but again theres no real telling till you lose it and give a few months. I can imagine things like smoking and sun would also have a negative effect.


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i don't have a big problem with saggy skin, but i hate the stretchmarks! i use palmers firming cream and nivea body firming lotion, and am still hoping that they will help... so far not so good, but i'm trying to accept the stretchmarks:)