Are your "friends" jealous?


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Yesterday, at a coffee morning (bombarded with chocolate cakes, sweets, cheese quiches, muffins etc), I met the friend who introduced me to dukan. While I was eating my own dukan food (dukan bread with tuna and quark) she was full on the sweets claiming she wasn't dieting that particular day. The way people diet (or not) is none of my business but, later on she started criticising the fact I am super strict and started advocating that "yes, I am on a diet but I am out with friends, of course I am going to eat homemade cakes made with love by my friends etc".
That pissed me off at the time but now I can see how jealous she must be feeling. And it is a shame too because she lost in a month what I haven't yet in 14 weeks. If only she was strict like me, she would be at goal by now....

The point is, why do "friends" love to sabotage us? Why are they the first ones to say "come on, one bit won't hurt" or " oh, don't be so strict, life is too short" etc?
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I haven't had it with sweets and cakes etc but showed someone at work a picture of me all ready to go out and she said I look out of proportion! Found out later she puts people down as she's insecure about herself. Yesterday I was told I've lost too much weight and look ill! Lol far from it!! I've still got just over a stone too lose. Don't worry about what they think or do at the end of the day it's what makes you happy:) xx

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No matter what, carry on!
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Me too.
I have co-workers that tried to sabotage me but I also have co-workers that encourage me.
I am forever grateful to them ( the good and bad ).


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Well done for sticking with YOUR plan. I have to say that when I have fallen off the wagon I am always happy for my friends that have lost weight but do feel a teeny bit jealous of them and angry with myself that I have strayed. It doesn't make me say stuff like your friend but I do understand how she can feel like that. I am aware of it and make sure I praise my friends and tell them just how amazing they are doing. Also sometimes I admit to them I am jealous and by doing so I take the negative feeling away!!! We are all so funny! LOLx


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I've not had my friends try to sabotage me, they were all really supportive and wished they had the willpower to do Dukan. My family on the other hand are very jealous and have tried to sabotage me lots of times, my mother and sister are both very overweight but have no will power, my mum comes round once a week for tea at mine and every week she would bring cake or dessert, she just never 'got' that i couldn't eat it


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Yes, my mum keeps saying I'm too thin! As if!