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Green Days Argggggh Vegetarian / Vegan help?


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I've been veggie about 20 years so happy to help.

Going vegan is hard my daugher was cow milk intollerant as a child and milk was in many things.

Top tips are take things slowly, the vegatarian society has a good list of hidden products, many cheese things are not veggie due to rennet and whey, you need to know the clue words on ingrediants, I cook from scratch so its much easier to stick to.

Oh yes I had a veggie friend who tucked into to jelly at parties and I pointed out it wasn't veggie she argued I eat jelly well yes I do but I buy mine from the indian food shop and its veggie as beef gelatin is a banned product in several religions.

Ask any questions you want I'll try to help


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are you guys vegetarian for health reasons or cruelty reasons?
purely meat and what it is grosses me out, I hate to tink of eating something dead and how can you decide what to/ not to eat its ok to eat lambs, pigs, cows but not dog, cat, why? because they are pets ok then I have a tank full of fish oh wait its ok to eat sea river fish well my tropicals are river fish. It just strikes me as very odd lol

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