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argh ffs! (food mentioned)


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so on friday just past i had my weigh in reached 15 stone so thats just over 3 stone lost, but on saturday night was leaving do for a work colleague. started out well, i chose veg and meat....then the tide changed,..the was a cheese board and i took part, then the bos bought us all cocktails and alot of other drink..and well..i havent had a drink since before christmas and shamefully i got pretty drunk

now for the annoying part. my scales, they are kinda rubbish, they weight me less that my cdc, usually between 4-7 pounds less than hers but i trust hers. thing is on friday then weighed me 14.8 now they have me at 15! surely i couldnt hav eput on have a stone! even with being bad like that cannot be possible, but its not moving this morning either, im drinking lots of water etc having my packs but i kinda wanna cry, how can one night do that, am i gonna be a slave to these packs forever if i cant even have one night out?

can anyone help or advise me? i dont look different but scales say different, is this proper weight or water or what?:cry:
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Sounds to me like water weight, you have replenished your glycogen. Get glugging and hop back on the wagon and it will be gone in no time hun x


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thank you, i really hope so. my wasit measurement is the same so fingers crossed. weird thing is i have been actually craving my tetra packs. dreading weigh in next friday though


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You will be fine by Friday hun, it won't take long to shift it if you are 100%. The more you drink, the more you will lose, just don't let the blip turn into a downward spiral and remember how you felt after, and hang on to that feeling the next time you are tempted lol x


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Forget the scales for a bit and just throw yourself back into cd. The weight is certaintly water weight, annoying I know, but not as bad as fat!!
Drink loads of water, avoid the scales and get on with your day, the glycogen will soon be depleated and there you go problem solved!
The worse thing you could do now is to go into meltdown mode and binge, get straight back on the waggon and any gain will only be temporary, good luck!!!


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i just got off the scales, STILL 4 pound over what i was on Friday, I'm raging at myself

ill see what it is in morning but i dunno if thats much use since my weigh in time PM Friday

oh well ill just have to brave seeing debz my cdc though part of me would rather have a weigh in not this Friday but next, cause i know I'm gonna be so disheartened Friday. bah. having those "fat" days, but I'm sure ill be fine, water water water just keep drinking it and hope for the best
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Maybe the WI wont be as bad as you think. And even if it is it might serve to make you determined not to go so far off-track again. I haven't had a WI for 2 weeks as CDC on hols and it does make me think that there's plenty of time for the occasional slip up not to make much difference - and that's a dangerous place for me to be! As everyone has said, don't get too hung up on your scales and try and avoid them between now and WI. If the tape measure hasn't changed then don't worry too much - clothes are sold by size, not by making you jump on scales before you can buy them - perish the thought!LOL!!


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You are right - everyone will, have a day when things go wrong and they reach for food as opposed to water or a shake etc... but as long as it is only the one day or the one meal and you get back onto plan immediately afterwards then you will get over it..
Just remember about the warnings of alchol and ketosis, and as minxie said, if you do have a bad weigh in then you will be all the more determined not to do it again...

Just a thought

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