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argh! no weight loss

Hi all

I am annoyed with myself as last week during my TOTM I had 5 packs for 6 days, instead of my usual 4. I was just ravenous the whole time. I didn't eat any 'real' food tho. The problem is that in the last 11 days I have lost a grand total of half a pound. I don't understand this as the max cals I would have had in any day was still only about 700 and surely I should lose anyway as people lose on 790. I'm still exercising and drinking water like before and I'm just confused and my BMI is 30 so I have loads to lose still. I've also read that if you eat a bit more eg AAM, it sometimes increases your weight loss. I feel I might as well have had a pig out as I haven't lost anyway! Any advice or kind comments would be appreciated, lovely peeps!
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Oh, it can be disheartening Frejja, but please stick with it. You have already completed 2/3 of your journey and the zero loss this week will just be down to water retention because if you are sticking to the diet you simply have to be losing fat.

I know that cerulean on the LL forum who has lost 8 stones in 7 months has had weeks of zero losses - she posted her weekly losses somewhere but she kept going and lost more than the average stone a month.

Please dont binge or do anything silly to sabotage your efforts. You are doing so well.
Thanks for the support Sam! I'm just feeling confused as to why the extra packs would make so much difference. But I will soldier on...at least I haven't put on any weight! I swapped from LL to CD 3 weeks ago so I'm worried in case that is making a difference...
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Frejja it won't be the change from LL to CD that will have made any difference.

It could be water retention, natural body plateau-ing. If you find next TOTM you need extra meals then split your packs and have half a one and then the other half later on. Or do AAM or 790 on your TOTM week. 790allows you extra protein and veg - but not any extra carbs which is what you were having with your extra pack and may have made your weight loss stop.

Good luck on CD and stick with it!
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Hi There,

Do you normally have your packs at set times, always same flavors, always cold?
I lost 10 stone on CD (back on it for the small regain and last bit!) and had a couple fo times when I had a zero loss, this is a good time to take measurements as I "bet my hat" that you will have had a big inch loss!!! Sometimes the body just needs a shake up, try hot instead opf cold, how much water are you having? Try upping it if you are only on 2 litres a day and if you are on 4 try and cut to 3? Simple changes but sometimes the body needs a kick - where you having any bars?

Well done so far you are doing brill!
Stilltoowide thanks for the ideas...I was eating 2 bars a day last week but I don't have any this week, as I am clearly unable to stop once I start! I couldn't stomach the LL bars at all but the CD bars are too tempting for me as I was a complete chocoholic before losing the weight. Seems I still can't trust myself around choc even when it's a diet bar...lol. Will try to increase the water. It just seems that even if I was out of ketosis, I should lose on so few cals a day!:sigh:


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Just one point I've noticed...you say you have has 2 bars a day...well you should only be having 1 bar. The bars do contain more Carbs so therefore can knock you out of ketosis..and slow down weight loss, that is why only 1 a day.
Thanks Hedgemag, I just couldn't stick to one, which is why I didn't get the bars again! Oh well, we live and learn by our mistakes lol!

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