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ARGH! starting again I think!

Oh dear!

Well I started SW last week, from home cos I cant afford to go to class.

I feel I have been doing well, just a couple of blips but I dont think they were too bad. Anyway I seemed to have STS although I cant be sure!! As I WI on my home scales and I had lost on them (2lbs!) However I checked my self on the scales at Boots and I seemed to be the same...

So I am thinking that I will uses today's weight as my start weight and just weigh in at Boots every week! I think that seems suitable, gonna throw out our scales so I resist the temptation of jumping on them all the time!!

I was happy though after weighing my self because even though i technically STS I have lost 1% body fat in the last 4 weeks! I guess that is because I have started the gym. I go 2-4 times a week. Perhaps that is why my weight hasn't changed....I hope so!

So here I go, Starting a fresh! :sigh:

Thanks for reading :rolleyes:
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Hello. Always make sure you weigh yourself on the SAME scales and at the same time of day as your weigh can fluctuate so much!!

I try and stay away from my scales at home as I am a bugger for wanting to weigh every day, which I know is naughty!


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Muscle weighs more than fat, so as you've been going to the gym and have lost body fat you have probably gained a bit of muscle. You should take measurements (waist, hips etc) as i bet you have lost some there :) But stick to the same scales. Most aren't calibrated so your weight will vary from scale to scale.

I am deffo gonna stick to the Boots scales in store. Am not beating myself up too much as like you say muscle weighs more than fat!

cheers :)
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I've been doing SW from home almost a year now, it's easy once you have the diet down and you have a great site like this to keep you going if you have a question or are having a bad day. You have to be a little more disaplined when you're not accountable to anyone else, one week off can turn into months of simply struggling to stay where you are. Another little tip since you're at the gym now, have your syns! Don't cut down because you think it'll help you lose more, I found that out the hard way lol
Thanks sugarlips!
I agree about the disapline, although I think I am pretty good at that! But has only been a week. I have been having about 10 syns a day sometimes less and about rwice this week more. oops!

This site is fantastic, and helps with motivation!

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I do that all the time!! if I don't reach my goals I tend to think oh gotta start again the only thing with me is i cheat before i restart!!! Keep going your doing well at least your not gaining!!! x
Yeh, I'm guessing i'll have a better picture of how I am doing next week. As my home scales are a bit rubbish kind of change how much you weigh almost each time!

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