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Arghh this has to stop!!

I really need to give up the fags. My lungs are like shrivelled up prunes most mornings and I don't have the lung capacity to improve my fitness :(

Trouble is I've smoked really heavily for almost two decades and I've never even tried quitting!! The thought brings on a cold sweat. I have no idea where to start lol but I don't want to still be smoking in 2012.

I have a really high stress life and pretty much no way of changing that (my eldest son is autistic and very very challenging) and i have suffered with clinical depression for the last 8 yrs (not on meds at mo having a good year long 'up' run haha!!) so I'm scared of what will happen when the cravings hit!! I mean is my husband gonna take the kids and leave me when I become the ***** from hell for 6 months??? ;)

Also I did not just bust my balls shifting all this chubb just to put it back on packing up the fags!!! NO WAY. so I'm not even gonna have the crutch of chocolate to cushion the horror.

Soooooooo....tips? Anyone? What should I do first? I feel like it's a mammoth task and just stopping cold with no help is not an option!!!!!!!!!! Coz I'll last maybe 40 mins lol

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I know exactly how you feel!
I smoked VERY heavily for 25 yrs and absolutely hated it by the end!
Thing is, I had to be ready to do it myself, as no amount of pleading by others( mainly my 11yr old boy) had any effect!
I DID read the Allen Carr book( not fully), but decided to try the patches, after losing the weight I needed to, and ALSO after making peace with the fact that putting on a few pounds was WAY better than continuing to smoke!
I think changing my eating habits and taking up exercise also helped in the few months before, as I had a good, healthy lifestyle in place so was in the best position I've ever been in to take the plunge!

I went to the chemist, still nervous as hell, but determined, and got the patches and my quit date. That was six weeks ago and I'm still smoke free and it's GREAT!!
It's sooooooo the best thing I've ever done in terms of getting fit and healthy!
I can see the difference in my skin, can work out ten times harder and not feel like I'm about to barf up a lung!
I've more money, more energy and I've nit craved at all.
I am about to go down to the 10mg patch( I was on the 25mg for 4 weeks and am now on the 15) but honestly believe I'll do it.
I've actually LOST 4lbs too!!
I was at my goal of 146 pounds the day I stopped and went onto maintenance cals but it's still coming off!
I use MFP and am just careful, but still eat treats if I fancy them, just not too much of it!
I'm five ten, and even if I put two stone on, I wouldn't regret giving up the fags.
I really notice the smell of other smokers now too! You wouldn't believe how STRONG it smells!
My advice would be to give it a try, you have nothing to lose and SO much to gain!
You have my support, you CAN do this!!!
:) :) :). xxx

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I have been smoking for 38 years and I have tried on numerous occassions to give up. I have given up for as little as 1 day - 3.5 months. This time I have determination and focused on my health and well being. I got Champix tablets from my Doctor two weeks ago, and I am now on day 4 of no smoking. I feel great, no cravings and even following a healthier lifestyle than I was previously, and I have even lost 2lbs since quitting.

I also have an appointment at a no smoking clinic on Aug 11th which will give me support. I have read the Allen Carr book too, which does have a lot of useful information. I even bought an electronic cigarette in preparation from Amazon, incase I needed it, but its still in the box.

The help is out there legomom, we are here to support you when you are ready to be free.
Hi legomom
i know its difficult but you obviously want to stop , so just do it! easier said than done i know from experience it took me x3 before i made it and that was five years ago:) and boy is it worht it , i dont even think about the filthy fags anymore and ! I tried with the patches and it was fine until i got to that last patch (and thats when the psychology aspect kicks in lol) as soon as it was finnished i had a ciggie 12 hours later !!!!!!!!! cant explain why .... five years ago i was talking to taxi driver and he told me to try the loszengers I did and i was still on them 2 and a half years later but ciggie free,however not nicotine free so to be honest i was still in the same placeonly difference my athsma had improved . In case you dont know after that length of time the lozengers begin to damage your teeth so i decided they had to go . I found articles by Joel spitzer very informative and helpfull , before quitting i would strongly advise you to give them a read , just google his name and youll get a wealth of info' after reading his articles i decided to quit the lozengers cold turkey style , it was hard for about 2 weeks as i was craving the lozengers (not ciggies had no notion for them at all by that time) thenit started to taper off and after 5 weeks i was free from any cravings :) so it can be done, my partner stopped with me and he was on 60 a day so go for it i wish you luck and hope to hear how your doing :)))))
Well I've got the number for the stop smoking nurse in my area. I just need to find a sitter so I can book in. Dunno if maybe trying champix is a good idea? I can do the prequitting doses on the run up to kids going back to school then pencil in quitting day for when they are back an I'm not as stressed? But I also like the look of the inhalators but not sure if it's either/or etc. Obviously I could try plastering myself in patches from head to toe and just chucking out all the smoking paraphernalia.......choices choices!!!

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Having spoken to a few friends I've decided that I'm going to quit. And I shall be using 24hr patches and an inhalator to do it!! (champix scares me!!!)

I've also decided that there's no time like the present so I'm just gonna go for it!!! If i fall on my face then even one day smoke free has to be better than still being a slave to the fags right?? They are GOING. I will be a smoke free zone.

Operation clear my house garden an car of any signs of smoking starts NOW and I'm off to the chemists to stock up on the gear after lunch. Expensive I know but how expensive are the fags!??? I can get my prescription stuff as soon as I can get booked in so hopefully will only be costing me for a few weeks!!

The diet is going to DIE for the next two weeks I'm sure but hey I can lose it again!! Really very nervous but sort of excited too!!

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Well I've been an bought a weeks worth of 24hr patches (max strength lol) and a box of inhalator thingys. An two spare inhalator thingys for when I lose the first one!! So I'm safely nicotined up for week one. Cant imagine getting to the end of week one but still!!!!

The patches are in stages and run for about ten weeks? An hopefully I'll be that sick of chewing the plastic tube thing by then that I'll be virtually off them too!! Blooooody expensive game this is tho! Need to get enrolled on the stop smoking programme pretty damn quick lol.

Right..... off to collect up any escaped ends from the garden (they blow out the ashtray an roll off) and search all my handbags for half empty packets, papers lighters etc. And it's all going in the BIN. kinda wish I could start now but it's best to stick to the plan I think!!

Remove all evidence. Have my last ever ciggy tonight. Throw out the leftovers. Have a good bath an destink myself an clothes. Slap on a patch before bed. Start in the morning.

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I smoked for over 30 years and gave it up 26 months ago using champix, I can't praise them highly enough but I do realise they are not suitable for everyone, I did gain 10lbs but got that off in under 2 months which is a small price to pay, buy the sugar free lollies and "smoke" those instead, I used to "light up a lolly" when I got in the car or made a fone call (My 2 worse trigger points) had I been more prepared I could have avoided gaining as much but having fruit/veg cut up ready to grab, good luck with whatever method you decide to choose.
So far suspuciously so good :) slapped a patch on last night. Itched like HELL for a good half hr then settled down fine. Didn't sleep well and had all sorts of....ahem..... freaky dreams lol but feel really good today!! (the whole three hours I've been up anyway ;) ) really pleased as mornings are my heaviest smoking time so just gotta get thru the post meal times now!!!

Haven't even used my inhalator. I'm saving it for when we get to level 'desperate' heehee!!!

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Woo hoo!!
That's fantastic, and I was the same, it's a lot easier than I thought it would be!
I'm on the 16 hr patch, as nicotine is notorious for affecting the sleep cycle and I don't want that.
Mine still itches for the first half hour in the mornings but it soon settles down. :)
Glad it's going well for you so far, and just wait til you see your overall health and fitness impove, especially your skin!!
I'm so pleased for you! :)

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Been really quite a doddle so far :) I haven't had any real cravings. Think the patch has that covered. But I'm more sort of getting really restless an twitchy at fag o'clock lol. Chatting on the phone, after dinner, after I finished the housework, driving. It just feels vaguely wrong lol. I dug out the inhalator while I was on phone an in the car which really helped. Tastes VILE so cant see me using it much :( which is probably a good thing in the long run.

Really think I can do this!!! Wooooo!!!

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The only thing I felt was a weird sense of dislocation, as if I was missing a limb!
That soon passes though, as the psychological habit is broken after three weeks. Now I don't feel like that at all, even when I'm on the phone and having my morning coffee( two of my favourite fag times)
Wait til you smell other smokers! Like sticki ng your head in an old ashtray. Yuk!
Well done for getting through the first 24hrs! It will only get easier from here!
How's your eating been? :)

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Lol the eatings been terrible, but if I'm honest I've been really strict for the last 6 weeks? So I don't think it's the giving up smoking!! I think I've just given myself a licence to gorge lol. The novelty will wear off in a couple of days :) also the snacks will run out!!
Gonna give myself a week to settle into non smoking life then I'm reigning in the munching. And I will most definitely be fitting a take out in there somewhere before I go back to being good!! That can be my day 7 reward ;)
Patch itches like ******* at the mo :( an I cant help but scratch at it so now it's peeling off!! Gonna have to slap a couple of plasters over it to hold the damn thing down!! Not the best look!!

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Haha I know! I just slap mine instead of scratching at it, and it seems to work. :)
I was given the non transparent ones at the chemist a couple of weeks ago as they'd run out of the see through ones. They were huge, and didn't stick well at all!!
I think your eating will settle down after a few days anyway, and sorting the smoking out definitely outweighs the overeating( no pun intended)
Are you going to do it through a chemist with their quit scheme?
That way you get patches, gum, inhalator, all for nothing. They're so expensive!!
I'm ok weight wise, actually lost a few pounds, but I'm able to exercise more strenuously now.
Really, the benefits are just incredible!:)
I'm so glad it's going well for you.
Yay for us non smokers! ;-)

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Dunno whether to join a chemist scheme or the NHS one? Got enough patches an inhalators for a week but it cost over £30!! Eeeeek!! I'll have a ring round today :)

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Either or will be good I'm sure.
I chose the chemist because I'm only across the road from it.
Thirty pounds!! Eek!!
Good luck with day 2. I'm rooting for you, and it's bound to be easier than yesterday.
It gets easier every day! :)

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Day three now and so far so good. Haven't been too grumpy and haven't had any overwhelming cravings. God bless the patches I say!!! Deciding to quit during the holidays AND the week TOTM is due was possibly not my best plan lol. I'm eating like an elephant and have PMT. But according to my hubby I'm "no more obnoxious than you usually are when your due" which I think is a weird kind of backhanded compliment haha!!

Have decided to get my patches from the chemist as the NHS service make you go to group sessions. Which seems a bit much for me lol. I'm doing fine as I am!!

My two best buds have also given up recently so hopefully drunk smoking will be fine. We can go threesy's on an inhalator :)

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