Arghhh starving!!!


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Hubby and I had our night off on Saturday as we were away for the weekend, without kids, for the first time we've been out together alone since Feb. It was his birthday so we booked a nice hotel etc. Anyways, we had dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday, and since then I'm starving!

I know it will pass but I'm so hungry, and I'm feeling down atm anyhow so I really really just want to eat :-(
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Oh hun - it is horrid but the feeling will pass. Keep glugging the water - loads of it - to fill you up and you'll be back in ketosis really soon.



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Just remember the weekend and how it was worth it for the treat and remember you are not starving as the packs are giving you 100% of what you need.

It will pass pamper yourself in other ways and have an early night. See what the morning brings you.

Dizzy x


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Im feeling the same after a few nights away, could kill!!!!!!!!! I am bashing away on here so I dont bash anyone else!


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Hi Piper :)

You had a great time and let your hair down, why not. This is your tester now. If you get into the habit of eating when your body has craving's like this you will be straight back into your old habits.
The key is to go straight back onto your programme straight after your weekend away. One you wont feel quilty as you will be focused again. And secondly you will find you have just produced water on that weekend and it will be off in know time.
I went to Brighton with friends the other weekend and put on 6 pounds. Because i went back onto my maintenance i lost 7 pounds by the wednesday.
And yes i was craving when i got back, so i drank plenty of water and stayed focused.

Nick :)