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Arghhhh craving foood.

I know its easier said than done, but try and be strong lynn. Dont think about food, go and have a nice bath or do something to occupy your mind, or it will drive you mad.

Stay strong huni!

Im tempted to do a muffin with a food pack but im scared itll go all wrong..lol, so i just feel that im having something normal..not sure
Hey hun...
Im feeling pretty hungry today too, but it will pass - i believe the peeps on here, and dyou know what im even more hungry for?
Looking astonishingly sexy in skinny jeans!!!

Hey lynn,

Have you tried the water flavourings, they make the water more palatable if you're having a hard time with it. Personally I can take them or leave them but others in my group absolutely swear by them!! They come in two flavours; St Clements which I think is an orange flavour (never tried it) and Fruits of the Forest which is like a tangy berry flavour. They are available from your LLC for £9 a tub.

Good luck xx
Hey hun...
Im feeling pretty hungry today too, but it will pass - i believe the peeps on here, and dyou know what im even more hungry for?
Looking astonishingly sexy in skinny jeans!!!


hehe - thats the right attitude!!

And you arse right - it does pass. Honestly - there are days I forget to have ANY packs until about 8pm - and then have to double up!!

Its so tough these early days - but promise - it is going to become blindingly easy in a short time you will not even tpo remember it being difficult now.

ANd the skinny jeans are SO worth the effort!!! Not ot mention the knee high boots that now go up to my knee!! ;) :)
This is aweful everything on tv has food on, never noticed before! Water is getting to me, my mouth is feeling and tasting rubbish from it.:tear_drop:
Hi Lynn

Its amaing isn't it - when we take food and remove it from our lives - we start to notice it everywhere else! I felt the same way!!

One day about day 4 or 5 - a girl I work with, knew very little at the time, and who did not know I was on a diet - came up to me and plonked right in front of my face and under my nose the biggest most gorgeous slice of Chocoalte Fudge Cake and she said, "LOOK! LOOK what I have!!!" And it was literally in my face - if I stuck my tongue out I could have tasted it!! Inside I wanted to eat the whole cake and her arm too - and I thought if only she knew I had not eaten for 4 or 5 days!!! LOL Bless her.

So yeah - food is everywher and our senses for it are heightened.

On the same line - you will begin to notice just how much others eat. And how frequently.

I wnet out after about 3 weeks to my inlaws for dinner. They all had a roast dinner and I had my soup. I sat there, utterly amazed at the amount of food piled on their plates. And realised that was how much I used to eat too. It was a REAL eye opener.

There will come a day, not too far away where the site of food won't bother you.

In fact, I spent the last month or so watching allt he cooking shows! It was a vicarious thrill - but I did not dare do it in the early days!! No way - wouldda ate my TV!! :D

Hang in there - you are going to be so motivated when you do your first weigh in. You will have little doubt after that! ;)


You are all doing so well!!!!
Hi all you are all so wonderful with your words. The hunger pangs did go away.Today is a new day, i feel better in myself than i did the first 2 days.
Heres looking to a slim new us;)
Good on you Lynn, I'm in week 4 and definitely found that in my first week I didn't want to be around food at all. That meant letting o/h cook and shop for himself, and switching the channel when food came on TV. Out of sight, out of mind DEFINITELY helps. Keep going, it gets easier. I dont' think about food at all now and it feels like it took me hardly any time to get here.
Thx SS, yeah i can see by all your posts it does get easier, and ill be looking back thinking why did i make such a fuss..lol
Haha, did give us a laugh to all of us who felt sheepish tho, must admit that,,hehe

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