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Arghhhh im starving

have to say i'm the same at the min, am just drinking lots of water... i'm on day 3 just had to make tea for the kids and it was hard

Keep thinking positive tho you can do it :)
It's hard cooking for the kids, mine have got cheese and broccoli pasta which I love!!! I'm drinking 4 litres a day but I just find 3 shakes so little lol, I know it gets easier and I will persevere coz I wanna be a yummy mummy!!
I know what you mean , I have just made creamy chicken and bacon pasta and garlic bread for kids and smells amazing !!! If you are really struggling it wouldnt do you any harm at all to have an extra shake if it stops you picking :) I do this when i need to
I keep 8 half litre bottles of water in my fridge drink them thru the day then re fill them at night, I remember being told drinking lots of water helps the fat to flush away! Good enough incentive for me lol :)
thats always in the back of my mind determinator, the extra shake, i'm still workin out the timing of mine but at the min i have one at 11am/12pm, then one at 6pm and one at 8/9pm although its not a long time between my 6pm and 8/9pm one i find the evening when i'm watching tv is the hardest bit of all i just wanna go pick at something but then 11am/12pm and then 6pm is a looong time to go lol
You wrote this thread as I was stood in the kitchen saying to myself aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm starving too :eek: it's the dreaded day 1 again for me.. I will be having an extra shake if I need it :eek: I can smell the dinner's you have all cooked !!!
Lol, I have mine at 11, 4 and 9, I bet there are loads of us going Arghhhh lol, I've been dreaming about chicken lol
Reckon were all gonna turn into feeders lol
I'm not really starving I just really want to eat food. Think I will ask for the bars on wednesday. I'm having the odd SS+ meal as well but to be honest it just seems to make me want to eat more. I miss my wine as well. Oh dear seems harder 2nd time around :(
ss+ maybe the way forward lol, what day should I hit ketosis? Does the hunger diminish in ketosis? xxx
I miss bread lol, I think maybe I could keep on the plan longer if i was having the odd bit of chicken and salad, I did LL ages ago and this time round is way harder, how much has everyone got to lose? xxx
Once ketosis hits we will all feel fine :eek: last time it was Day 4 for me, we need to get through these rough days together :eek: as for being a feeder lol My Mum finds it hard to do her shopping so fortnightly I do a big shop for her, last time I did CD I came back with loads of goodies for her and she had to tell me to stop because she had started to put on a few pounds.. plus it was costing more.. i was just oblivious and though oh thats nice Mum will like that :) x
Well we will all get thru it together, couldn't do it without all your support :)

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