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I am only on day 3 and felt so rough I have just had to eat something! I couldn't even stand up or see straight. So I have given into tempation. I only had a little bit of skinless chicken ...... have I really up my chances of loosing this week?

ARGHHHHHH............I do feel better now though as I can finally walk in a straight line!!
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You won't have messed up your loss, chicken won't affect your ketosis, the problem is if you get in a habit of picking, its difficult to stop. Draw a line under it, after a good nights sleep you'll hopefully be feeling much better, think of your first week weigh in to get you through the next few days. Do you have a headache by any chance, whenever I restart CD I tend to get bad carb withdrawal and suffer from what seems like severe migraines.

Good luck, get glugging and I'm looking forward to hearing your first week loss.


Thanks so much for the quick reply! I am SOOO glad I may not have messed things up! No headaches really, just really dizzy and can't seem to co-ordinate myself .... no I haven't been on the wine honest!
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Hey Amber!

Well if you had a little bit of skinless white chicken than I don't think you have exactly come out of ketosis. Day 3 was my worst day and I tend to struggle a lot on this day so your not alone on that one. And you can still lose weight if its only one minor blip. Don't worry and stop fretting... its not as bad as it seems. Draw a line under it and start fresh again tomorrow.

Good luck with the rest of your diet.

Sarah xxx


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Hi Amber :)

Just wondering if you are drinking enough water? I was surprised and a bit concerned to read that you say you couldn't stand up or see straight:confused:

Day 3 can be pretty hard for a lot of people hun, if it's that time just before Ketosis kicks in. Glad you are feeling better now but yes, do be careful that you don't get tempted to start having little picks of different things as it really makes it sooooo much harder.....honestly:D

Lacey..xx :)


I am drinking at least 2 1/2 litres a day, which I believe is enough? I will try to get a bit more down me!

I am not too sure if the not being able to stand properly wasn't physcholical to be honest as I feel totally fine after a tiny bit of food! lol

Thanks for all your replies, I can see me spending a lot of time on here over the coming months!!!


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Hi Amber!

Day 3 was bloody horrid for me too........I had a banging headache all day which was only eased for an hour after taking paracetomol and just felt spaced out and muggy headed all day.......I couldn't concentrate on anything and to be honest can't remember half of what I did at work! lol!

I woke up on day 4 feeling like a different person.....me again but with a totally new level of energy!

I'm nearly done with day 5 now and can honestly say that once you get over that horrible day 3 you will really really feel a squillion times better! Get chugging lots of water (I try to do at least 4 litres a day) and get a lovely bath and an early night....I promise you'll feel better tomorrow!

(((((hugs hugs)))))

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