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Arms, summer tops, and who cares!?

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Well, I just want to say I have gotten over worrying about my arms, and have been wearing summer tops, sleeveless, and dresses, etc., and no one has fallen over at the site of my arms, so I guess its OK!

In fact - it's MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am no longer the only one in a hot office with long sleeves on!!!


Just another newly discovered joy of losing weight. I can be as comfortable as possible, while fully clothed. :D

Also, just another reminder, that most of our weaknesses are just in OUR heads, no one elses..... ;)
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isn't it great? Was in the office yesterday in a strappy top and in a lovely light summer dress today...with no sleeves!

Another benefit being you can avoid silly tan lines. I've got as much of my skin exposed as possible, although I'm still too hot. Oh to be in ketosis again!
i know, it's an amzing feeling. I've had mine on display too - don't give t*ss!
It's got to be better than goingaround over 21stone which is what I did before.
Now i'm wondering why I always covered up then - what did I think i was disguising or hiding from everyone!!!!
I think they could see me - and they wouldn't have cared then either.
Dong LL has taught me so many things. one of the main ones is that we always think other people are more interested in us than they actually are.
I am so enjoying the freedom of gong around in just underwear (not reinforced, but light and pretty) and a little summer dress, and no-one has dropped dead in shock and horror.
Met my OH in town the other day, as I walked towards him he didn't realise it was me at first. My profile has changed so much!


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ooo i wish i could get to that place in my head!

i was driving along the M5 yesterday and glance at my reflection in the wing mirror ( or 'bingowing' mirror as i now think of it, lol!) and nearly crashed the car as i was in horror at th site of my arm flapping about in the 80mph breeze
it looks really skinny, but then there was all this wrinklywobbly stuff which looked ridiculous - i ended up laughing tho cos it did look funny.

i changed my top this morning as i couldn't bear the site of my arms....

i know its daft, and i will get there eventually....maybe next summer i will be sleeveless

its not the end of the world as i never used to show my arms anyway - and at least now i have a tiny waist and no bum, lol!

daisy x


is loving CWP xx
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Ha ha. Your post made me giggle Daisy. I was never really bothered before about my arms because I was in denial about how big I really was and because they were so packed with fat they didn't really wobble that much. But now, a whole different story!!! My arms do look so much thinner when they are by my side but move them from there and I have massive bingo wings. Arghhhh!!! I will have to do more toning exercises to help with that and everything else.

Well done BL I bet it is such a great feeling really being able to wear what you want and in the styles that you want. Good for you x x

Jo B

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I am probably the opposite to most of you - my arms and legs, which whilst bigger than thinner people, have always been my smallest part! It's my stomach that is causing me grief at the moment. I am loving being in strappy tops and due to skinny legs have never been afraid of wearing shorts - but I do know what you mean about the flappy bits, for me it's just at the top of my arm and my inner thigh.
It's strange though as as I lose weight and I get happier with myself I look at the state of my stomach and think it is absolutely grotesque now - christ knows what it looked like when I was 6 stone heavier. Maybe part of it is accepting and not denying a weight problem and also starting to get crepey skin. The worst part about it though is that it is lumpy - god knows what I will do to get rid of that...

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