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Arms.....! :(


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S: 15st13lb G: 10st7lb
Hi Sonkie,

I have been using dumbells and resistance cords to help with my bingo arms:D Lots of tricep & bicep work.

Congratulations on your amazing losses so far - weight and inches:D :D

Good luck
Hey Sonkie, :wavey:have you heard of callanetics?

Copy and pasted from the website....

Callanetics was originally developed to improve back problems through the use of small and delicate movements consistently applied. There is no sudden jerking or hard impact which can cause injury - even eighty-year-olds can do these exercises safely. Hard work to begin with, the exercises are invigorating and make you feel great. One hour of Callanetics is equal to 24 hours of aerobic dancing in terms of visible results.

If you find this hard to believe, try it yourself. You'll see spectacular results within hours!

*This is my bit*

It's great, we bought the book years and years ago and recently pulled it back down from the attic. No jumping around or vigerous movements just slow stretches etc.

There's one in the book for toning arms, and I try and do it every few days but the day after doing it my arms REALLY feel it! so it must be doing something right?

Stand with your arms in the air and stretch up as far as you can...then stretch a tiny bit more! hold for as long as you can then slowly drop your arms forward and downwards so you're holding them out straight in front of you and slowly bend your knees. Again hold for as long as you can. (It doesn't matter of its not for very long) Then again, very slowly lower your arms passing the floor and up so they are pointing behind you - knees still bent and arms straight. Push them to the limit by stretching behind you for as long as you can then reverse and repeat 3 times. You'll definately feel it the day after!

I hope I've described it accurately enough for you to try it out.

Don't worry though if not, the website says it will be putting the exercises on soon.ATM it shows pics of ppl who have tried callanetics and the difference in their body shape within weeks.

Apologies for the very long-winded post... hope i've helped x
I agree with everyone who said bicep/tricep exercises. Maybe you could do some press ups (and before you :rotflmao: ) i mean the ones where you start on your knees? And how about tricep dips on something low? Those seem to work for me. My arms are pretty toned dispite my weight and i keep them like that by doing 10 press ups and 10 tricep dips once a day. Start by doing 5 each day and then up it once tha starts getting easy?

Or try the Callanetics - sounds like it might work?

Good luck! :D
One of my physio exercises would help. I'm still on crutches so not allowed to do full squats... so I stand with my back to the banister on the landing upstairs, get a firm grip of the handrail, and taking part of my weight through my arms do squats like that. So I'm working my biceps, triceps, shoulders, tummy, back and leg muscles all at the same time. I'm up to 75 reps now. And it only takes 5 minutes a day !


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Sonya I've just ordered a Pilates Body Circles Kit from John Lewis for £25 --- I've heard really good reports about them and they are advertised as......
'The BodyCircles offers a short, challenging upper body workout to create shapelier arms and shoulders. The kit includes 2 lightweight, foam-covered Pilates BodyCircles to isolate and condition triceps, biceps, shoulders and upper back, and the introductory Pilates BodyCircles 10 minute workout instructions by Ana Caban.'

Now mine haven't come yet so I can't give an opinion but I've got to say that the only thing I'm really worried about is the damage I could cause to the house doing hula hoops on my arms -- I've decided that I have to do it in the hall as that's the only place with nothing (but the light fitting) to smash!


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