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Arrgghh put on loads in two weeks!

Hey guys I'm a newbie on this site, it looks like a great community :)

Well briefly my story: I've always been a bit on the big side, as I'm only 5ft 1. During uni I was really into fitness and averaged 9 1/2 stone (133 pounds) which made me look normal, but I always wanted to be thinner than I was. After uni, I didn't exercise as much, was on antidepressants (have had mild depression for years) and gradually put on 2 stone over a period of 4 years.

About a year ago I ditched the antidepressants (in my opinion they *do* cause weight gain as they screw with your metabolism - well that's another story). I then also got back into exercise (the antidepressants destroyed my motivation to exercise). In fact I got so into exercise that I was borderlining an addiction to it - I was working out everyday. I was careful to eat no more and no less than 1400 cals a day (as 1400cals was my basal metabolic rate) so I wouldn't go hungry but still lose weight as I was exercising. Since then I've gone from 11 st 6 pounds (160 pounds) to about 9st 8 pounds (134 pounds).

My goal weight is 9 stone, then eventually would like to be about 8 1/2 stone (I'm naturally stocky/muscly so don't think I could get any lighter unless I starved myself).

Anyhoo 2 weeks ago I caught the office cold/chest infection so have not really exercised since, and have eaten loads (generally healthy stuff as I'm vegan) in an attempt to make myself feel better & to ensure I get loads of vitamins. But I weighed myself this morning and have put on 5 pounds!!! and my fat % has gone up too!! :eek:

To say I'm gutted is an understatement. Plus I'm off to Tenerife in 3 weeks and I was convinced I'd be nice and skinny by then. Now the pressure is on to lose loads cos I know all the pics from the holiday (it's a hen do) will end up on facebook, so I want to look slimmer otherwise all my facebook friend's will see what a fat c*w I am...!

So I think I'll decrease my calorie intake to about 1000-1100 and increase the exercise again like before I was ill (I'm still not 100% better but not as bad as I was). Hopefully I can shed a few pounds before I go away.

Rant over, gonna make myself go to the gym now even though my energy levels have not yet returned.

I think it must be more depressing to put on weight after losing it, as it's undone all the hard work.

Thanks for reading :)

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I got married last month and was away for 2 weeks. I put on 6.5lb in that 2 weeks! All I done was said"Right, I'm back now, just have to lose it again."

Draw a line under the gain and just get back into it. Being ill always kills it for me as I go straight for the comfort foods and don't feel like exercising.

You will lose it again and if you don't lose what you want for your holiday then don't beat yourself up over it, just go and have a good time x
Thanks for that reply, it cheered me up :)

It's happened before when I was ill in October, and in the space of one week I pigged out on crap and didn't exercise - put on 5 pounds in 1 week...!! But luckily I lost it really quickly as well (took about 2 weeks) so hopefully it won't take too long to lose everything I've put on.

Went to the gym today and could not stop sniffling (still have a cold); my fitness has taken a complete nosedive since I got ill - it's so frustrating!!

Never mind hopefully it won't take long to get back to normal. I currently do a vegan version of the slim fast plan (high quality nutrition shakes that are mixed with water instead of milk - and I find them creamier than SF!) so that should help as well :)


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