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Asda chick pea dahl anyone?


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asda chickpea dahl yumyum!

Just had some asda chickpea dahl for my lunch, hadn't had it in ages and forgot how yummy it is!

Just thought I would tell everyone incase anyone hasn't tried it or for the newbies :D

Really it has many plus points - its free on green and extra easy, its cheap (about 70something pence I think), it comes in a tin so easy to always have in your cupboard or take to work, its not too spicy or too bland just right.

Oh and the biggest plus point I think is that I find I am most susceptible to getting a takeaway when I have had a long day and just can't be bothered making food. This satisfies my cravings for yummy indian food - have this, boiled rice and a wholemeal pitta (HEB) SORTED :D

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I have never tried this, will do now after your recommendation x


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never heard of it but im going to try and find some! lovely!

Mrs V

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Its lovely!!!!
I have it on a green day for lunch at work with some rice and Im stuffed!


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I agree its yummy its nice cold too with salad. If not near Asda a company called Sundar make it also and that is also free on green and EE days, I get mine in Morrisons, really tasty food and you feel like your having a curry without any guilty bits!!

(I must admit didn't fancy it but its definatly worth trying I thought it would be really boring but it isn't):D

good luck all

I've got the sundar one and it's lush - however, try as I might I cannot find the ASDA one in ASDA..... what aisle is it in please? I'm sure I've looked everywhere?


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Just don't get caught out by buying sainsbury chick pea dahl thinking this will also be syn free as it is hugely high in syns.


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Ohh sounds lovley can you check on the label please and tell me if it is tomato free. thank you


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No Brightonrosie afraid not - here are the ingredients:

Water , Chickpeas (28%) , Lentils (9%) , Onion (5%) , Tomato Purée (2%) , Vegetable Oil , Modified Maize Starch , Sugar , Salt , Cumin , Turmeric , Coriander , Fenugreek Leaves , Caraway , Chilli .


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Anyone know if theres a Tesco version?? I really fancy some NOW!! xx


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I love the Asda stuff too...although my Asda hasn't had any for the last couple of weeks.

If I know I'm not going to have time for a proper dinner I'll used a flavoured cous cous on the bottom of a tupperwarre box, add a few chopped eggs, then a tin of Asd'a Chipeak Dahl. Heats up grand in the micro at work, and, voila, a hearty meal that keeps me filled up till midnight!

I bought the Sundar one, but I thought it had a couple of syns, so I haven't opened it yet...
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Sounds great! I am a really sucker for indian takeaways.. Hopefully this will replace my friday night takeaway binge!
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Will have to try this! With a 1 year old, work and a uni course quick meals are always a winner here! x


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Great post - thanks!

Bought a can today and had it for lunch with asda w/m pitta (B), a yogurt and cucumber dip and a salad. Tasty, quick and will prove to be a great cupboard standby.

Shared it with DH and DD (age 7) and they enjoyed it too :D

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