Asda tiger loaf?


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I've made homemade chicken, leek and potato soup for tea tonight and bought a tiger loaf, well the baguette version from asda for my other half to have with it.

I have been syn free for 3 days, making up for 55 syns I drank in alcohol on saturday and really would like some of this bread but after searching the syns online, I really don't know what to look for to see how much damage I would be doing...

Can anyone help?
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Basic/Non Branded Foods Bread rolls, White roll, crusty 50g average

6½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 6½ Syns
Green 6½ Syns



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Oh, I reckon it will be higher in syns than white bread because it's made with sesame oil isn't it?


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im not sure but i think a tiger roll works out about 8.5 syns not sure a bout the bread sorry