Asda unsmoked Gammon steaks 530g

Please help?

I bought some Unsmoked Gammon steaks in asda earlier on today as i thought these were brill as they were free, to my horror they have 9g of fat per 100g which is terrible, i have looked at the back to see if anything else was added to them and it seems theres not, i have grilled one of them which would of been over 250g as theres two gammon steaks in a packet and cut off the excess fat, just wondered if people could help me out on the syn value for these each as i dont have the syn calculator and was shocked to find these actually was not synless.

Many thanks

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If you've cut off the excess fat then theyre free. The nutrition on the back is telling you the values *including* that fat which you've cut off - so once its removed its fine.

For example, if you look at this bacon it's almost 20% fat - but once you cut off that fat it is free.

And tbh 9% fat is really not all that much. If you compare it to mince, below 5% usually counts as free, or very low syn depending what meat it is - below 12% is 'low-fat' so pretty low in syns.

here you go:

Gammon, lean only, 100g raw Free
Gammon, lean only, 100g grilled Free
Gammon, meat & fat, raw/grilled, 100g 5½

Enjoy your gammon :)


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Gammon is free, as long as you cut the fat off before cooking.