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ashamed chocoholic

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i'm a chocoaholic and i've tried cutting it out etc and failed so I gave in and control it by having something low syned everyday. I can't keep it in the house so I have to buy it daily which worked fine when i was working cause I would buy it on the way to work.
but I finished work 3 weeks ago and i now pick my daugther up from school so on the way home from school I have been getting my chocolate and because i can't eat chocolate and not give my children any that would be cruel I have been buying them chocolate to but they get a regular bar instead of small like me.
and i didn't relise till yesterday what I was doing and how I'm giving them the same unhealthy habit I have.
I know my daugther has a very healthy diet my son is different cause its hit and miss whether he eats at all but I hadn't consider how i could be sending them down the same route as me even though i'd be so set on not doing.
so for the sake of my children i'm going to reduce my chocolate to once a week. i know it will be hard but if i keeping thinking of them i can do it.
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Mrs V

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Well done on identifying your weakness and your ability to influence others over it Hun.
I wouldnt reduce it to once a week though to begin with, if you are really a serious chocoholic, then have it twice a week, it will give you something to look forward to. However you do have to be hard on yourself the other days and will have to have will power. How about making some cakes or biscuits from the recipe forum so that you and the children can make them together and snack on them?
I used to have a real bad addiction to diet coke, so I know how hard it is to go cold turkey straight away.

Good luck!
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How about you buy the chocolate on the way to school to pick up the kids. Then keep it until the kids are in bed and treat yourself then?
You can still pop to the shops with the kids once a week to show them that having a chocolate is a 'treat' not something to have every day (do as we say, not as we do ;) ) - you can even let them pick their own treat and suggest things like strawberries or marshmallows or fruit grab-bags to show that a 'treat' does not have to be the most unhealthy thing in the shop! They might surprise you by preferring these things to the chocolate and that they only associate chocolate as a treat because mummy says it's a treat :)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Hmmm...eating chocolate after the kids have gone to bed, could start a "eating in secret" thing off if you are that easily swayed. Becareful.

buy funsize bags and either freeze them or put them in the most awkward place to reach that you can think of and then put some furniture in front of it.


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Have you tried the muller yoghurts with chocolate sprinkles in them? I know it's not the same as full blown chocolate, but might be worth trying.



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Have you tried Mikados? They are 0.5 syns each, appeal to kids and even if you scoffed the whole box (the small one) its only 9 syns total.


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I'm definately going to see if I can find some Mikados'. Just got a craving now and someone has eaten my last curly wurly:mad: Got an Options and it isn't hitting the spot tonight. DH has just asked me if I'm being obnoxious because I need some chocolate:eek:

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