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Ashleys gi diet diary

Hi guys

Thought I'd start writing a food diary, on my second week and still getting to grips with it, so think writing things down will help me see what I'm eating. So here goes, for today:
B: fat free yoghurt and some grapes
L: 2 rye crackers, salad
D: tin of healthy vegetable soup and slice of wholegrain bread
(work an evening job on Wednesday so that's y dinner is poor)

Snacks: carrot sticks and hummus, an apple, a bag of nairns oaty bakes (mayb another yoghurt if I get peckish)

Water: a litre so far...

Need to get some more veg and meat into my meals, but it's nearly shopping day so cupboards n fridge running low :)
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Hi Hun and well done on getting started. Menu looks a little light, are you not hungry? When you do your shopping try some fish. Tins of tuna in brine are a handy standby. When smoked salmon is on offer I buy a big pack and cut it into 60g portions and stick it in the freezer. I can then add a portion to a few stir fry veg and a dessert spoon of couscous for a quick meal. Another great standby are tins of beans like haricot, flageolet, black, kidney etc. Lots of recipes in the recipe thread.
Good luck and keep at it.
Thanks for the tip Molly. Luckily on Wednesday's I don't get time to get hungry, work my full time job during the day and then go straight to my evening job and don't get home till bedtime!

Thursdays food diary:

B: slice of high fibre bread, fruit salad (peaches, pears and cherries)

L: salad and 2 rye crackers, muller light yoghurt

D: chicken, egg and veg fried rice

Snacks: carrots and hummus, apple, podded peas

Water: litre and a half
Fridays food diary::

B: slice of high fibre wholemeal bread, fruit salad (peaches, pears and cherrys)

L: left over portion of rice (chick,egg n veg fried) carrot and cucumber batons. Apple.

D: chicken fajitas, made with onions and peppers, one wrap (ww high fibre one) and lots of salad

Snacks: muller light yoghurt, carmans bar, peas in their pods :)

Water: litre and a half

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Ashley, how are you getting on? Are you managing o.k? Let us know how you are doing.

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