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Asian Cambridge vs UK/US Cambridge Pkt


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Hi there Grimskunk, I don't know but thought I'd bump this up for you as I'm sure someone will know the answer.

Sarah xx


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Do you have all the same flavours as the UK diet has? (Or some of them?)

Im from Holland we have the same diet as in the UK, packs come from the UK too (my CDC told me this) but we do not have all the flavours.

The USA version is very different from the UK version in flavours and rules as far as I know.

I'd check if you have the same flavours :)

I just looked at my packet and it is manufactured in UK.
I am not really sure of all the flavours especially for the soup as i only order my packets in Chocolate flavour but i know there is Banana, Butterscotch, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Fruits of the Forest, Strawberry, Toffee and Walnut, Vanilla for the drinks.
the US and UK versions of CD are very different from each other.. as far as im aware.. if your packs are made in the UK.. it is possible it is similar or the same as yours.. you could try phoning CD in the UK to ask if you needed to know..

x x

You need to check this out with your CDC and follow her guidance. Sometimes the regulations surrounding VLCD's differs from country to country and as such, although made in the UK they may be not be the same as the packs for the UK market.

This also applies to how long you can use the diet, it is country specific.
i did check with my CDC and she said that over here we are only allowed to SS for 4 weeks and then add a meal week for the 5th week.

Anyways i got my answer thanks!


Serena's title didn't fit
We have a similar rule here Grim, according to Dutch laws you can only do a food replacement diet for 3 weeks and then you must add food in the 4th. However, Cambridge ''says'' here that you can do it in your 7th week too..

Confuzzling :) I just do it every 4th and have had steady losses + something savoury to look forward to (soups make me sick :''))

GL with your diet :)

xx Lostris
@Lostris: Goedemorgen, hier nog een nederlandse! (Good morning, here is another Dutch girl !)
@ Grimskunk: how much does your mealpacks costs?
Over here in Singapore, they sell it in boxes not in packs. We get to choose our flavours so mine is all Chocolate :p Each box which has 21 packs for 1 week supply cost $126.30 but if you buy for 2 weeks it'll cost you $232.so which equals to $116 per box so the more you buy the cheaper it is...oh btw this is SGD (Singapore Dollars) :cool: so ya it does costs a lot for your average singaporeans.
nope. i have tasted all the packs before and i was only looking forward to it when i was having my chocolate pack so i decided to just stick one...it is the best tasting one and it makes my life easier :p

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