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Assistance Please

I started Atkins today and I have no book at the moment. So far today i have the following but not sure how to work the carbs out.Do you take the amount of fibre away from the total carbs? can some one work out the carbs for me please just to see if i'm counting it correctly.

Breakfast: 2 eggs,small knob of butter

Lunch:small chicken breast,30g rocket , 25g castello blue cheese and 50g cucumber.

2tsp cream in my coffee

Thanks in advance
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I usually use the atkins site carb counter

Carb Counter & Weight Loss Calculator - Diet Plans & Tools From Atkins

If you're in the UK the labels on the foods will already have the fibre taken out and it'll be listed separtately so you only need worry about the carb count. It's usually written in 100g so you have to figure out how much you've had for a portion. I tend to count cream used in a coffee as 0.5, nice round figure. I'd have a guess at around 2g for what you've had so far. Make sure you're getting enough vegs in matey else i'm afraid you'll feel the effects!! You need 3 cups a day! It will take loads of getting used to after CD but you have to ensure you're getting your vitamins and minerals in as it's obviously not the same as the packs on CD, all done n ready.
Thanks Claire, yes i am un the uk, so i just count the actual carbs in the food i have and not bother deducting the fibre.
How do i get near to 20g carbs?
Yes that's right. Us here in the UK do not need to worry about deducting fibre, our labelling system already does it. However if you buy any non-UK products just check to be sure. You need to use about 15g of your 20g allowance on vegs as a rule. On induction it's meant to be about 2 cups of salad vegs, 1 cup of higher carb normal vegs (brocolli, cabbage etc). They say 3 cups but to be honest i usually have more than that in amount wise - i just add up the carbs and include them in my allowance. The rest of the carb allowance up to 20g is used on things like the cream in your coffee, cheese, mayo on salads.
You're quite welcome! :) Let us know how you get on... You'll honestly feel and get on much better on atkins when you're getting the full intake (which is actually quite a lot, against most peoples understanding of the diet) when you eat all the veg carbs. Enjoy!
Hi Diane and welcome.

Just thought I'd add that some people do not get the initial Whoosh of weightloss they did the first time round on Atkins. It might not happen to you but if it does, please try not to get too despondant. The weight will come off just not like you remembered it the first time.

Good luck and hope all goes well.
Dont forget to guzzle loads of water too. That helped me massively in the beginning. x
Started Atkins today, cant believe how full i am , and no snacking at all.Have been looking through threads on forum for past few days found info very helpful....Hopefully will see this through thinking positive!!!!!:):):)
At the risk of thread hi-jacking, Welcome belle. Why dont you start your own thread on here with a bit of an intro. I'm sure the others will be along soon to give you a whole hearted, and full bellied welcome too.
Hi Belle,

Just a note here people, the Cup measure used in Atkins is actually what we would call a normal coffee mug.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
I've got a cup measurement thingy and it is equivalent of 250ml, so about half a pint or half a 500ml bottle of water if that's easier to visualise. A smallish coffee-ish mug-ish would be about the same-ish.

It doesn't tell you all that much though because obviously you can pack it loose or tight, so get a vastly different amount of lettuce into one cup. In the first few weeks you're better off measuring things by weight until you get used to what the portions look like. It soon becomes like second nature.
I used a normal coffee mug tightly packed abz

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