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AT LAST !!!!!!!..........

I knew I had posted a thread about a pair of jeans I had bought and the woman said -" are you sure these will fit because they do come up small ?" and I said " oh yes, they will !
they are a size 24(small)...
Ive just been on a size convertor and it says that a size 52 (what it says on label) is a size 22 UK.
So I finally found my post (dated february!!) after much searching.........................

well done you
I have those size 24 jeans I bought from the shop - the ones I brought and the assistant said '' Are you sure they will fit?.. they are small''
I replied ..THEY WILL FIT !!
then mumbled ....eventually LOL

Well guess what ?
They fit!!!!
a bit tight ,but I can get in them !!!!!!
OMG !!!!
It has taken since Feb of this year to do it - way back then there was at least 6 inches between buttons !!!!. I couldnt get them to meet !!

Oh and just one more thing -
I finally got a swim suit that fits and I went swimming !!!!!
ok it was only to someones house , with my daughter and MIL and her daughter- but at least I went.
I just wanna go again I loved it !!!!
the woman at group has been asking me to go with her for ages and I have been saying no-way . but Now when I'm ready -where is she -not at Group :(:(
I was toying with the idea of going today on my own .....but am I brave enough????:confused::confused:

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I will succeed!!!

And yes you are brave enough - go for it. I think lots of us are guilty of 'putting things off' until we're happier with weight (I know I do - I AM!).

But I'm starting to realise that there is no point in wasting time - we have to enjoy life and do what we want.

So yes...go for it!

And well done again - bet you're chuffed xxx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Yea you!!!!!
Get some wear out of those jeans now that you can Huni, as before long you will down the next size!! Lol.
Swimming is great exercise too, so keep that up!!

yeah well done:D

And yes to the swimming!! I went by myself for the first time on Monday (£1 for an hour:)) and felt great after and plan to keep going so do it! If I can you can:eek:


Finding inspiration
Great news about the jeans!:talk017:

And how marvelous you've gone swimming to! It's amazing how much scarier things are in our heads than they actually turn out to be when we just knuckle down and do them! :D
.............I DIDNT GO :(:(

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Dont apologise! Just try again the next time!
Well done on the jeans anyway and you will get to target in no time!!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Well done on the jeans! Our pool has ladies only sessions, why don't you see if yours does. It's mostly full of ladies of a certain size, all sedately breaststroking with coiffed heads above water :8855:

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