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Atkins and confussed


Says it as it is!!!
Ii have come off LT ordered the atkins book... but, it has yet to arrive. I have a few questions.

  1. On the 2 week induction am i counting net carbs or all carbs?:confused:
  2. Can i have any of the atkins bars?
  3. How many meals should i be having a day is 5 right (someone told me 5:confused:...seems alot)?
Thanking you muchly in advance x
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You are counting net carbs only. So to get them you subtract the amount of fibre from the amount of total carbs.... That gives you net carbs....
Plus you must ONLY eat what is on the acceptable foods list for the first two weeks... Nothing else... This is to completely stop any sugar cravings....

Yes you can have the Atkins bars, but be careful. I ws having one a day & they stalled my weight loss.... As soon as I stopped them, weight loss resumed...

As for 5 meals a day. It depends.... I'm not a little & often eater, I can go hours without food.... But Atkin says you must not go more than six waking hours without eating as your body starts going into starvation mode & weight loss would slow..... Ideally you need to have

I only ever do brek lunch tea.... You can cater it to your own eating habits....

Good luck, it really is a fab diet once ou get the jist of it. xx
You do not take away the fibre from carbs in UK. as our food packets have already taken the fibre away and it is listed seperatly, while in america fibre is in with the carbs.
Just eat when hungry, but do not let yourself get too full, once in ketosis you will not feel hungry, so as already said do not go longer than 6 hours without food.

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