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Atkins Diet "A dirty word?"

Have any of you Atkins followers received any negative response to doing Atkins?

Everyone I know seems to have an opinion about this diet and its very negative, furred up arteries and heart attacks to name but a few! :eek: Ive suggested (politely :p) they read the book and they may learn something factual!!

Ive told my work colleagues im switching to low calorie counting just to get them off my case, but have not intention of doing that!!

Anyone else had similar response?
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Clean green leafy machine
Yes Weeney - most of us tell people we're doing low carb, which they accept no problem - because of course, having read one disparaging article in the Daily Mail, they are instant experts on nutrition.

Meanwhile they continue to munch away on their high carb, high sugar nightmare of a diet...

But as Stephen says, who cares, this is you proactively looking after your health. Don't let the neighsayers get in your way :)


This is for life
Agreed. For some reason low carb or no sugar seems much more acceptable than atkins!
I always say Atkins and then if they start i'll own them for about 20 minutes until they never talk to me again.


Clean green leafy machine
LOL James, nice one :)


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I get it the whole time but my family are really supportive now thankfully. It takes time for others to see sense as they just don't know the facts about how healthy it is.
Thanks for your replies, im now on a low carb plan-LOL! ;)

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