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I've woken this morning (after snoozing alarm 30 times) and feel rubbish!
I can't get "with it". Feel really drained, NO energy, really shakey, and a little moody (which is really unlike me).
Please someone tell me this don't last long. Im on day 4. Stuck to the eating, no probs, dont think i,ve been drinking enough :sigh:. Is no added sugar squash ok to drink? :help2:
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Carbs are Evil
Don't worry it will pass eventually and then you'll feel great. You can have squash just check the packaging for carbs and add them into your allowance. Some people say they find citric acid stalls them so watch out for that ( I haven't had the problem luckily). Drink loads of water to help with the headaches etc and hope you feel better soon x
I'l stay away from the squash then lol. Thank you miss gold, been having 2 black coffees 2lt of water and a can of diet coke. Is all that ok?
OMG all this flu is sooooo worth it, lost 5lb since wed. whoop whoop. lol. I LOVE ATKINS!!!!!!


Carbs are Evil
Well done, diet coke has citric acid but as I said it doesn't stall everyone so you may be ok x
Thank you. Thought diet fizz was ok. oops. does help with the sweet cravings.


Carbs are Evil
Yea it is ok, I drink diet drinks as I always have sweet cravings too. You've lost so I think you'll be ok drinking diet coke. Some people on here have said asda diet coke doesn't have any citric acid and coke zero doesn't either x
Thanx hun.
How you feeling this morning Kelly?
Awful jim. Had a bad turn last night after an extremley intense migraine! (not down to the diet always been a sufferer, but haven't had one in a while). But ended up passing out, and scared the life out of my poor 9 yr old son:cry::cry::cry: But after i had 2 buiscuts, to try and make myself feel better. I feel really dishearted now as i feel like its going to put me back on day one again. Apart from still having a really bad headache due to the migraine. The shakes and rubbishness have stopped. Is this because of the buiscuts:help2: Sorry to bug you with all this. Hope you had a nice weekend!
Kelly love, when you are ill you do what you have to do. No it won't put you back love, just do strict induction once you feel up to it.
Thanx Jim, your such a help. You and many others on here, are sooooo understanding and helpful. The best support a gal could ask for!!!

Got some SF jelly made up now (just in case) LOL

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