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Atkins healthy or not


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I have a friend who is about 6st over weight. I have been advocating Atkins diet. However a colleague is bringing up stuff on the internet about people who have had cholesterol levels done and after 12 wks the BAD cholesterol had risen.
Please don't comment on obesity. I just want to know if your "bad" cholesterol has gone up or down.
YES I told him to read the book.
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Well i had my bloods and other stuff results last July never been better dont believe what you read my mothers the same and she is nearly 80 swapped her to the diet last year.


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Those damn cavemen all dying from heart disease eating all that meat, fish, eggs, nuts, berries and green veg!

Ignore the haters. Atkins is the natural way we are designed to eat.


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Yep, we are all dropping like flies here. Lol.
A lot of us have found that our cholesterol has lowered and some have even got off medication for it. Tell him not to believe the bad press. It was all started by competitors.:)


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Mine stayed the same, it was ok anyway, but the good ones shot up :D Same for Steve & his fasting blood sugar, which was almost diabetic halved. All good news here :D


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Its not just cholestrol (sp) there are other benefits toAtkins, which as a Newbie, I have found.

I haven't lose ANY muscle tone AT ALL while doing this, unlike Weight Watchers. I know I excercise a fair bit. But on any other 'low cal' diet you will always lose muscle tone. I get plenty of protein, fat and cals, that my body doesnt turn to eating muscle.

Also, I think, its more of a case of trans-fats in processed foods, making your cholestrol (sp?) jump up. On Atkins you tend to eat more healthy fats and whole foods.


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S: 13st2lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st13lb Loss: 0st2lb(1.09%)
Thanks all. He a knob anyway. likes to always be right. Wish he would read the book and stop sabotaging my friends confidence.

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