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Atkins/low carb and pregnancy

You got something to tell us Cherry?

Ummmm.... yes.

Im 6 weeks pregnant - after years and years of trying.

Losing 3.5 stone has done the trick as has the low carb diet .... an atkins baby!

Still in shock - what a HUGE surprise but very, very welcome - fingers crossed all goes well!
How wonderful! Congratulations. The happiest times in life are, as Mellie says in Gone With The Wind, 'when babies come'.

What joy you must be feeling.

Cherryade what absolutely fantastic news....all the best for a good and healthy pregnancy...Jx
Great news Cherry, I'm thrilled for you. I'd go onto maint, can't afford to take any chances love.
Thanks for the kind words :)

We are really pleased here at Cherry HQ but I am also gutted at the thought of not low carbing - it so easy and suits me and I dont wanna go off the rails and have all the sugar cravings and all that as it just suited me so well.

Since Ive found out Ive been on maintenance but Ive lost my book so I dont know quite what Im doing but Im eating low carb fruit and veg and having a small bowl of bran in the mornings etc as I am feeling pretty sicky and dizzy in the mornings and I wanna be sure Im giving the lil one all they need to grow big and strong - ok well not too big lol

Ive been taking vitamins for ages so thats all cool, I just dont wanna go off the rails and get all sugary again as I know that at my size I am a candidate for gestational diabetes so I want to take care of me and teeny one.

You guys are one of the first to know - gonna wait a while til I tell all my other mateys - still early days and all that :)

Ive only put on a pound so far which is normal at 6 weeks - so the dr said today...

Thanks for the kind words and the link :)
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Thats great news cherry. I had gestational diabetes with all of mine even though everytime I got pregnant i had lost a lot of weight. Don't worry too much about it I needed medication from abou 33 weeks which now you can have tablets and you don't have to inject thats as long as your blood sugars are not too high. You will get tested at 28 weeks if they think you are showing sugar in your urine samples. You may be fine though so don't worry

Thats everyone and huge thanks Laura for the links, I really do need that info as the last few days Ive tried to up my carbs with bread and I just feel awful, bloated, dodgy belly the lot and only when I eat bread. It really is evil.

Oats and veggies me thinks.... thanks so much xx
Porridge is good Cherry, the normal plain stuff not the fancy ones, You might find muesli is OK as well love. I know how you feel on the brad and stuff. LOL.
Ive been eating my porridge oats like a good girl but am falling into bad old ways, had icecream yesterday. HUGE craving.

Yesterday I had

Porridge with milk
HUmmus and cucumber, orange pepper and mushrooms all raw
Roast chicken with red cabbage, cauli cheese (no flour), sprouts and 2 small pots
and then I ruined it by eating loads of icecream.


I wish I understood maintenance better. Ive swapped butter for olive oil and have upped my veggies and more or less eat as I did before except I stuff up about once a day.

The guilt and all that is creeping back in and I want to get some control back, Ive not gone mad but the bloat and lethargy is back - but then its hard to know if its the upping of the carbs, sneaking crap back in or just being pregnant!

I miss the control and freedom of before, Im sure I can get it back but with more healthy carbs for babe - its a struggle atm.
yes Laura, but what about calcium, iron etc, very necessary when building a new baby. :) My DIL came back with loads of advice and leaflets on what to eat and what to avoid during pregnancy.
wow really laura that happen to your SIL..

cherry I'd would just eat healthy and take your prenatale vitamins. I don't have any kids but eat normally and when you are hungry. Also if you aren't too tired walk or do some type of exercising.. I'm very happy for you and always remember you can do atkins after you've had your baby. taking care of yourself and the baby should be top priority and not worrying about trying to do maint. and etc..
Thanks for the kind words :) Im starting to get the hang of this normal eating :) just scared myself witless reading up about being 8 weeks pregnant (on Monday it will be 8 weeks) and the horror stories of bad stuff has freaked me out.

No more googling for me!!

When I feel I want summat sweet Im dipping into my now lavish fruit bowl :) to save me from the icecream!!

Cant believe a nurse said that! Shocking!

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