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Atkins pals advice please xxxx


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Am going to a sri lankan restaurant tonight, I can probably cope with the food albeit meat/fish salad/veg

BUT.... drinkypoo's

What would you say would be the better option!

1. Dry white wine & soda
2. Vodka & Caffeine free diet coke
3. To hell with it Red wine

tks ladeez xxxxxxx
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Ahhh my field of speciality.
Atkins would say voddie diet coke. My tiple is Barcardi n diet coke. However, I can drink these till the cows come home with very little effect. If I were planning on a good time then 2 glasses of wine usually has me slurring and showing meself up.
I think for the sake of the diet Vodka would be best.
I Sound like a right old lush LOL


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I agree Vodka and diet coke hun.xxxxxxx


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thanks lovelies!

I've not felt right all day today, from working last night, early this morning I know my blood sugars dropped rapidly and felt dizzy, I have felt lethargic all day today and have craved badly sugar, I've eaten nearly a pint of s/f jelly but its just cutting it.

My sensible head is telling me, drink more water and you'll be alright, I have been feeling very thirsty all day which is my insulin playing up, and then my naughty rebellious child in me is saying you need some bad carbs and have a good night!

I dont know whether I'm just having a bad craving day or whether because of my Insulin Resistance its something medical

sue xxx


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meant to say just NOT cutting it in regards the jelly x


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I remember from doing Atkins before, I read to put a couple of tablespoons of double cream in a cup and mix with some splenda and eat. It used to take away my sweet cravings. Something to do with the fat in the cream. I think I may have put a tsp of cocoa powder in sometimes aswell but will need to check the carbs on that.


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I thought it was only me. When I get bad cravings I go and have a teaspoon of cream. My hubby thinks its vile having cream on its own, but it takes off the edge.


I usually have a 1/4 pint jelly with a tablespoon of double cream. I think you need the cream to "bulk" it out if you know what I mean, otherwise its just water, sweetner and gelatine.

Be careful drinking if you are already having a bad day hypo-wise, as alcohol canmake your blood sugar levels drop. My mum (a very badly managing diabetic a while ago) used to have a wee swig or two to drop her blood sugar if her readings were high.

Enjoy your night out whatever you decide on!

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