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Atkins v Harcombe


On a mission for boobs!
Anyone got any thought on this? Has anyone tried harcombe?

I've been majorly stalled on Atkins for ages and been binging on carbs to make myself feel better - so I'm right back where I started, weight wise, back in February.

Been doing clean and green since last wednesday, so hopefully my first wi since back on plan will go ok. If it doesnt, I think I might need to change my diet.

Was going to order a harcombe book and see what it's all about, but was hoping someone could shed some insight on it for me.

Pros and cons, if you will!
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Clean green leafy machine
I tried it for a week, but really didn't do any better - was seduced by the thought of yoghurt and tomatoes - but have re-introduced these into my Atkins induction woe and am doing OK.


On a mission for boobs!
Yeah, I was reading about it in more detail today. Actually thinking I might go on to Dukan and give that a try. Got a feeling I've only lost a couple of lbs this week, which is pretty disheartening since I put on 10lbs last month! lol!

Going to order the Dukan book during the week I think.


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Good luck with Dukan! I thought it was too severe for me right now but as I get more into my diet I might give it a try :)


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Clairecat, I'm finally gonna give the rotation diet a go. Email me and I'll send you the info.


Clean green leafy machine
I read the Dukan book but it sounded very heavy going, tbh


On a mission for boobs!
Yeah, think Dukan sounds like constipation more than anything else! lol! Think I'll join Ranch in the rotation diet. Will order the book tomorrow :)
Just out of curiosity, what's the rotation diet?

I am vaguely considering switching from Atkins as even though I am enjoying the food, I don't seem to be getting very far in terms of losses :sigh:


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Just had a quick look:

The Rotation Diet is different for men and women. However, on both plans, you can have almost any non-starchy vegetable in unlimited quantities, as well as “safe fruits.” The original Rotation Diet published in 1987 called for a “safe fruit” three times a day, but he has since changed it to unlimited amounts. Dr. Katahn calls these unlimited foods your “insurance policy” so you’ll never go hungry.

During the first three days of the Rotation Diet, women must limit their calories to 600 per day and follow the “core menu.” Over the next four days they may have 900 calories, and then during week two, they may have 1,200 calories. During week three, women are to repeat week one’s plan. After 21 days, they can have 1,200 calories the first three days, and then 1,500 for four days. At this point, they “take a vacation and allow their weight to stabilize for one to two weeks before repeating the Rotation Diet.” Their calorie level should be around 1,800 to 2,000 calories a day during “vacations” to maintain their weight loss.

Sorry to hear you are thinking of leaving us Emmster, i know where you are coming from x x


On a mission for boobs!
I just ordered "The Cheat to Lose Diet" book off amazon. Think its more low carb/low GI kinda diet, but rotaing it on different day. So, 2 days low carb, 2 days low GI, 2 days high GI and a cheat day. Sounded interesting, so going to have a read and see what its all about.
Hi, I called it the rotation diet but what I actually meant is what Clairecat has outlined above. I think it's realistic and doable as you know you don't have to wait long until a cheat day (although you can't stuff your face!).

After the first three weeks which is called the Priming period, you have one cheat day a week where you eat whatever you want, followed by two low carb days, followed by two low GI/GL days followed by 2 slightly higher GI/GL days. It's all about not letting your body get used to just one way of eating. Exercise also plays an important role, not loads of it but some is a must.

I'm starting this on Saturday with, of course the first cheat day :) Will keep you all informed!
Not to put a downer on things, but if you're frustrated with slow loss on Atkins or calorie counting I don't think you'll lose faster on a more lax diet. Atkins is really strict and unlike calorie counting it punishes you for the smallest cheat but usually pays off in losses. Diets that allow a small amount of cheating are only worth it if they mean you stick to it for longer, as it will almost certainly take longer than being strict.

On other forums most people frustrated with Atkins have at least one or two small cheats during the week and then can't understand not losing. A diet allowing cheats might be easier for them to live with but I worry they'll give that up because the loss is slow.

Trial and error. I'll be interested to hear how the rotation diet goes.
I've been following Harcombe for a couple of months and it has broken my 5 year plateau and I got into the 13's for the first time in 20 years. Harcombe helps you find out which foods work best for you (I have found out that I am better with no dairy, gluten and low FODMAP foods)

I would say it is worth a read :)
I think you hit the nail on the head Ossireo, we have to find what works for us as individuals. Granted Atkins does work for a lot of people but I'm not one of them. I lost 1/2 lb in five weeks and I was pretty strict! I also can't stomach so much protein ie meat!

Great GreenD if you have found what works for you, the rest of us will be there one day too :)
I think I should look at what are the best foods for me but I haven't wanted to do that because I don't want to know if cream or cheese stalls me or at least slows me down!! Isn't that crazy! But I need to take the bull by the horns and figure it out!:)
FODMAP??? Have read the book and can't remember that one lol
Lol it is a different thing all together than I picked up on the forums.

There is a book called "IBS Free At Last" by Patsy Catsos it's a revolutionary, step by step method for those who have tried everything. Control IBS symptoms by limiting FODMAPS carbohydrates in your diet.

F = Fermentable
O = Olio
D = Di
M = Monosaccharides
A = And
P = Polylols

Some of the dietry carbohydrates described by FODMAPS are lactose, fructose, polylols & galactans. They are sugars, starches and fibres in food that some people cannot fully digest and absorb, causing gas, bloating, pain, diarrhea & constipation as the food ferments in the large intestine. It also causes osmosis which is where this process causes your body to pull water out of your cells and into your large intestine, causing bloating.

Some people suffer more than others depending on how adaptable your bowel is. Galactans can't be absorbed by anyone, which is why people eat them for fibre (ie they just go straight through you taking all else along with it). Common galactans are brussel sprouts, beans & cabbage.
Sometimes on Atkins you simply have to watch the calories, too, particularly when you are female. Not everyone has to but I certainly do. On the other hand you cannot go too low as that can also stall you or slow down losses.

Sometimes changing the balance of foods helps, or the type, if you tend to eat the same things over and over. And quite honestly many of us over-estimate portion size. And we sneak-in things that are not allowed during Induction! Or we eat, say, SF jelly and cream and kinda add just a bit too much of that cream.

Colette Heimowitz on The Atkins Community site states that if you are truly doing Atkins to the letter, taking regular exercise and not expecting ultra fast losses (it's not a fast weight loss diet) then you may need to, and I quote 'get real' on calories.

Try everything to fix the problem before you give up, people. This is truly the best way of eating around for bingers, carb-addicts and serial yo-yoers.

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