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Is anybody here on Atkins?

I have been CDing for 18 months now on and off and have come to the realization that I haven't really taken in any of the lessons about sensible eating and portion control etc.

However, I do always feel so much healthier when I am in ketosis and restricting carbs (I am guessing that my whole family have some sort of intolerance or something with carbs), and I also like having some control over my eating - without it I go totally out of control and spend my days stuffing anything and everything into my mouth!

I wonder if anyone has changed from LL or CD to Atkins and maintained ketosis, and how they found the change. Or if anyone has just gone straight in to Atkins and has any advice.

I'd be grateful for all your tidbits of knowledge to help me make a decision on this.


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I did CD then moved into Atkins but not for too long because I was worried that I was missing vital nutrients by eating almost no fruit, vegetables, pulses or starches. It didn't seem right to me, long term.

However, I increased my protein intake gradually, day by day, and managed to maintain my ketosis. My advice would be to limit your portions for a week or two, so that you don't suddenly suffer rebound gain due to having doubled, trebled or even quadrupled your daily SS calorie intake. Cheese, for example, which I love, is protein but also high in calories and could easily stall you.

Apart from that - and since you feel healthy and strong on carb-restricted diets - I'd say just go for it!

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Thanks both of you for that. It is really helpful.

Silhouettes, I had read that about supplements on Atkins so that's ok. In fact, I've read quite a bit about it, but I'm still not really sure about the transition from CD. I think I'm just a bit nervous having been CDing for so long now, and leaving something that I've trusted and understood for months. I wonder if it would be possible to do a mixture of both. CD at work as I do now (tetra for breakfast and bar for lunch) with an Atkins type meal at night, then full Atkins at weekends?

Hmmm, decisions, decisions :confused:
I do a sort of Atkins diet I suppose! :) I have been having an Atkins vanilla shake (available in tins at the supermarket) with physlium husks for breakfast- made up into porridge. For lunch I have an Atkins shake (chocolate) About 4pm I have an Atkins bar, & for dinner I have a low carb meal ie about 120 grm to 150 grm lean meat, chicken or fish with a mixture of low carb vegetables or salad. :) I feel good on this & I'm certainly in ketosis! :D The Atkins shake powder has all the nutrients listed but I'm having a multivitamin each day as well. I'm drinking a lot of water too! ;)
Thanks Lisa. You seem to be losing weight fairly steadily and I like the fact that you are staying in ketosis and so still feel healthy.


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I did Atkins and lost 7lbs. Once in ketosis I found the transition over to SSing easy. I've done that for 7 wks then back to Atkins. I want food again. My weight loss on LT was about 1 stone the first month then it slowed down. Since on Atkins I've remained in ketosis and my weight loss is still aprox 2lbs a week.....I'm on target for another 2lbs this week.

I kind of do a mixture of LT and Atkins. Eg...LT for Breakfast, Feta Salad for lunch, Chicken & low carb veg for Tea. I just love eating again :D
Sounds like you've got it sussed, Shazpaz. I think I too have reached the point where I need to eat again, but still with some restrictions so that I feel as if I still have some control.

Unfortunately the AAM and 790 and 1000 plan on CD haven't worked for me as portion size is my problem, not restricting carbs. I'm ok doing without carbs as I know it is good for me as I feel so much better without them. So I'm pretty sure that Atkins would be fairly sensible next step, and knowing that its principles are very similar to CD and LL made me think that there probably wouldn't me much problem switching between them.


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Sorry my systems been offline so couldn't reply sooner.

Good luck with Atkins Tinley. I've not put any weight on since I've started eating again and I've introduces a limited amount of carbs back. I heard you do put on quite a few lbs when you start to eat food again after Lipotrim, but I've not.

Good luck again hun.

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