aubergine courgette and sweet potato


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These are 3 staples in my house!

Do a search im sure there are loads of ideas but here are mine ...

1. Sweetpotato and aubergine curry ( could add courgette and.other veg and do a veg curry )

2. Halves the courgettes, scoop out insides and add to a pan with onions, passata, and cooked lentils, garlic and any other herbs and spices. Load into the courgettes, cover with hea of cheese and back for about 20 mins yum

3. Moussaka with the aubergine

4. Sweet potato chips my fav!

5. Sweet potato soup

6. Put all the veg in a ratatouille (sp?)

I often just grill or roast them too, im hungry now gonna make sweet potato chips tonight now!


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The place to look would be the recipe sub-forum. You can do a search on specific ingredients that would bring up all the recipes that include that item


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My lunch today was a microwaved sweet potato with cottage cheese and a rocket salad on the side It was very very yummy


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Jacket sweet potatoes are YUMMY!

I am having roasted veg soup today. Cut the aubergine in half, chop up the courgette and whatever else you have in the fridge - I used a red onion, 3 cloves of garlic, half a red pepper and half a yellow pepper, spray them all with frylite, sprinkle with herbs (I used thyme and basil) and roast them for 45 minutes. Then scoop out the aubergine flesh into a pan, add all the other veg and around 1L of stock. Simmer for 45 minutes and blend. Yum!