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august challenge anyone?


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i have maintained all the way through july due to having lots of commitments which were unavoidable. so during august i would like to lose at least 7 pounds-does anyone else want to join me in a month of really buckling down and sticking to it? we could share tips and recipes and food diarys?? and the ups and downs?
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I'll join you! I started 3 weeks ago and have lost 6 lbs. Getting married next year so would love to also lose 7lbs in august. Lots more to go though!!! lets do it!!! I find weekends my downfall, am really bad x
Me! I want 7lb in august! I'll be doing green days.
I love bacon but find it too expensive since i tend to eat a pack in one go lol I may have to throw a couple of red days into my week to see how it goes!
i get bacon from heron, i dont know if you have one near you but they normally do packs for 1 pound, and i just do it over 2 days and bulk up on everything else. i got some nice thick cut bacon from asda this weekend and it was on offer-not sure how much but cos its thick cut i tend to use less. i could easily eat a pack of bacon too haha. well im going to havae a red day tomorrow and tuesday cos its weigh night on tuesday and i want to give myself the best possible chance of losing something, i went a bit wild last night was at a wedding and had fish chips and mushy peas, and cake and lager lol, but have been really good around it so hoping ive managed to maintain or even lose a little bit. the only thing i havent had much chance to do is exercise as ive been so busy but does a couple of hours dancing count as good exercise??


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Lol I'm sure that will count!
I'm officially back on sw 100% tomoz and starting back with an ee day. Also going to do either 30 day shread or zumba on Wii.

I find Iceland cheap for Bacon. Big packs for £3 but you get about 16 slices. I too can go through a pack of Bacon no probs!
Ok, count me in. Lets hope that having to answer to someone will spur me on when i have my picking head on.. normaly starts on a friday and ends on a sunday afternoon lol. Thing is, weigh day is monday morning for me. Been doing abit of reading on hear and found its a good idea to do red days afew days before weigh in so im going to try that this week.

going to start tomorrow with a red day as I fancy a burger for dinner and diddnt weigh them before I made them.

Also, love ham salad sandwiches, absolutly adore them so might have one for lunch ever day this week
we can do it guys!!! i struggle with syn free snacks, i find bananas and yogurts stop me losing weight so i have cut them out as snacks now, so at a bit of a loss really any suggestions welcome. i did have strawberries and fat free fromage frais for 2 days last week was yummers. and i sometimes snack on boiled egg, but im desperate for some syn free quick and easy snacks!!


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What about a syn free quiche? I use Bacon to line the bottom and then put in milk and egg with prowess, onions, keel, chopped Bacon and sprinkle a bit of low fat cheese in too.

It is using hex but I find it helps between lunch and tea when I need a snack to keep me going. I think you can use cottage cheese or quork so you don't use a hex but I'm not keen on either.


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You can make sw crisps!

Peel a potato and the peel thin long strips of potato, spray them with fry light, then you know the microwaveable Bacon trays? Pop the potato strips on there and microwave til crisp.

Mum told me that one and they are yummy!! You can sprinkle salt or spices etc on to create flavour. You can also buy a kids toy from aegis that slices potato to make crisps!

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