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August Starters **May contain food talk**


I started LL last week and now on day12. There wasn't eonough people to start a group so I have to do it on my own until Sept ( my husband is also doing LL so I have him for support) when the group starts so it would be good to join an online group. Look forward to hearing how you get on. Lost 9 pounds in the first week.



Guess who's back...?
Wow! 9lbs in the first week is phenomenal! I hope I do as well as you! Well done doing it without a group - I asked my LLC if I would be able to do that (I've had to wait three weeks to start), but she said it would be too difficult and wouldn't let me :( Looking forward to seeing your continued losses! Keep it up :D

Annaphylactic x
well good luck to you both,i am ready for tomorrow,so i look forward to talking to you,well less of you as the weight drops off!!!! here's to our slimmer future julie
Hi All, my name is Janey and I am re-starting tomorrow sat 23rd!
Would love to join you all on the journey.
Janey, xx
Starters Orders Again!!!
Well, here I am back again! Do you know though it really feels like coming back home to friends and family!
After completing Rtm at beg June and really feeling happy with my achievment I now find myself 1st heavier which has gradually crept on over the last 7 wks!!
However I WILL NOT beat myself up over this NO I will take the bull by the horns and start a month of abstinence from tomorrow 23rd August.
To anyone else who has found themselves in a similar position please I would hove to hear from you.
Janey xx
umm just posted and lost it!
can i join please on day 4 now and feeling great, bit windy tho!!!!
had a rough day 2 and 3 but much better now.
finding this board a great support already.
anyone tried the fruit flavoured bar yuk yuk
peanut one is ok. i've been given 4 bars for the first week but sure i read somewhere that you dont get any bars on the first week, has that just changed then?

Hi Babs,
If I remember correctly after day 4 you can have a bar!
Glad to see you feeling great at day 4, I am on day 1 of my return to LL and cannot wait to get to day 4 as I know from then on I will be ok!!!!
Janey xx
Hi Janey,
I was reading your posts, I hope you dont mind if I ask you a few wee questions.
Is the lighter life expensive? Cost for me is an issue at the moment, but Im sure I could get it from somewhere. Also, would they take me on as im 10st 8lb but I am only 5ft so have at least 2 stone to lose. Sorry to perster you but I saw you just posted so must still be up.
Laura (also in Sunny Scotland)


Guess who's back...?
Hi Janey B, Babs11, Jubag, Jash and all fellow Augusters! :eek:)

Really glad you've all posted and hope you are all coping ok. I have my first meeting tomorrow evening (Sunday), so will get started on Monday. I was hoping i'd be at work, but now realise it is a bank holiday so I'm probably going to spend the whole day in a bubble bath to keep me from thinking about food! Have any of you decided to take up any hobbies to keep them busy? For those of you (Janey B for example) that have done LL before - did you find it easier to have things going on to distract you?? Good luck to you all on your respective journeys - can't wait to get going now!

morning everyone
janey my councellor never mentioned when i could have the bars so i've already had 3 and saving the last one for tomorrow.
i'm still having moments of queasiness, does this really go away as i really panic when not feeling well and feel its going to hinder me working if this is going to be an ongoing problem.
its only day 5 i know. i've never done this before and feel it'll only work first time for me.
hi laura, it cost £66 per week for all your food packs and the councelling session. i dont think its too bad as it includes counselling which will be beneficial to keeping the weight off. cambridge diet is much cheaper about half the price but dont know much about it.
i'm only on day 5 and already a tight skirt is hanging down - amazing!!!
let us know what you decide.
with regards to price if you add how much you spend on your food for the week plus alllll the extras, snacks etc meals out drings and that plus you wont buy any new clothes for a while its not too bad.


Guess who's back...?
Hello fellow Augusters (and welcome Guy and Mini~Mimms!),


I've just got back from my first meeting and am now armed with all my foodpacks. Can't wait to get going tomorrow! :D

Babs11 - We were told that we should not have the bars until Day 4, or until we are in ketosis, as they contain a slightly higher level of carbs... and you are only allowed one per day. I genuinely believe that it will get better. When I did Atkins (many years ago) I experienced the sense of wellbeing and energy that comes from being in ketosis, so there is no reason why it shouldn't happy for you in the next day or so - one day soon you will wake up and feel incredible. Just stick with it. YOU CAN DO IT!

Annaphylactic x
Hi All,

I will be an August starter, have my first meeting on Tuesday and really looking forward to it.
hi anna, thanks for that day 6 this morning and feeling better. she never mentioned not having the bars till day 4, maybe i would have got into ketosis quicker if i hadn't them earlier in the week and not felt so rough, nevermind.
all the best for day 1.
by the way anyone, why cant i view other peoples profile albums and photo gallery, do i have to submit a certain no. of posts?
ps does anyone know where sells goldspot?

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