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AuntyPasty’s One Week Food Diary

AuntyPasty’s One Week Food Diary
Typical week-
Day I
Breakfast – 200mls EasiYo Greek yogurt and honey
Very thick, creamy and very very filling. Hate breakfast during the week, it’s soooo early it makes me feel sick and I’d rather stay in bed ten minutes longer so I take this to work with me and its soooo yummy.
Snack – packet of Snack-a-Jacks, piece of fruit
Lunch – boiled egg salad with salad cream, 1 piece of fruit
Dinner – Chilli Chicken (NO rice)
Chopped chicken breast in a homemade spicy chilli and kidney bean sauce with loads of hidden veggies which makes the sauce rich, will post any of the recipes if anyone wants them.
Pudding- fresh fruit salad
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Day 2
Breakfast – 200mls EasiYo Greek yogurt and tinned prunes
Gets you going in the mornings!! (especially Mondays)
Snack – packet of Snack-a-Jacks, piece of fruit
Lunch – Cornbeef salad with salad cream, 1 piece of fruit
Dinner – Pork chops with roasted garlic, lemon and herb veggies
Pudding- tinned fruit
Day 3
Breakfast – 200mls EasiYo fruit flavoured yogurt
Snack – packet of Snack-a-Jacks, piece of fruit
Lunch – Ham salad with sweet chilli dipping sauce, 1 piece of fruit
Dinner – spaghetti Bolognese (without the spaghetti …LOL) and chunky salad
Homemade rich Bolognese sauce with loads of hidden veggies, great if you want to encourage young children to eat lots of veg without having to nag them. Served in a bowl and accompanied with a chunky side salad (no lettuce)
Pudding- meringue nest filled with fruit flavoured EasiYo and topped with mixed berries
Day 4
Breakfast – 200mls EasiYo Greek yogurt and honey
Snack – packet of Snack-a-Jacks, piece of fruit
Lunch – Ham salad with homemade coleslaw, 1 piece of fruit
Dinner – homemade beef stew
Pudding- few glasses of wine and a bag of nuts down the local
Day 5
Breakfast – 200mls EasiYo fruit flavoured yogurt
Snack – packet of Snack-a-Jacks, piece of fruit
Lunch – egg salad and salad cream, 1 piece of fruit
Dinner – prawn and veg stir fry
Pudding- stewed fruit
Day 6 weekend
Brunch – Morrison’s ‘lighter start’ breakfast- bacon, sausage, tin toms, scrambled eggs and toast
Snack – fruit
Dinner – warm chicken, bacon and mushroom salad with pesto
Pudding- EasyYo
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Day 7 weekend
Brunch – home cooked breakfast- bacon, sausage, tin toms, fried egg, black pudding, mushrooms
Snack – fruit
Dinner – Roast dinner (no potatoes, stuffing, or parsnips)
Pudding- couple of glasses of red wine and a bag of nuts to help me read the Sunday papers down the local pub
We don’t always have the snack or the pudding
Healthy eating can be really expensive so shop around for you fruit and veg
The only prepared sauce I buy is for the stir fry, I make everything else
Cooking is about being organised and not about having the time, I have two children, 3 dogs, full time job, post degree course and a regular hobby so there really is no excuse
These recipes can feed a family just take out the potatoes, rice, pasta etc.
Bread, we have drastically cut down our intake of bread, my husband had gone from 40 slices a week to 1 piece at the weekends !!!!!
We should drink more water and don’t (naughty naughty) I drink decaff with S milk and hubby drinks regular black coffee
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Your diary is brilliant..very healthy. I would really like your Chilli Chicken recipe, it sounds right up my street. I love the way you don't fib about your wine, lol. They do say that red wine is good for you!
What did you eat instead of potatoes with your roast?. Did you ever try sweet potato wedges (not with your roast)..they're really nice.
I was reading on another diary on minimins and they had a great idea to cut up courgettes in to strips, season them and lightly cook them in spray oil..and use that instead of pasta!. That might be nice with your Bolognese sauce..yum.
I wish I could be so strict with my bread..I reckon that's my biggest downfall :(.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend..I'm looking forward to reading your food diary next week!


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That sounds like a good plan AuntyPasty:)

Do you repeat that plan every week, or do you just use it as a general guideline?
thanks guys, I find I have to be a creature of habbit when it comes to breakfast and lunch because we dont have a micro at work, limited time for breaks (haha if I get one at all sometimes) so although slightly boring it suits me. I really really like to be organised so I plan every meal for a whole month and shop accordingly I've always done this even when we werent trying to change our lifestyle, so actually I have only made little changes to what we eat really but have cut out all the fat laden meals, takeaways that we used to have and carb heavy snacks that we all love. thankfully it is working.
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Chilli Chicken/ Bolognese/ Curry
This is quite vague but very versitile I literally drop in anything that falls out of the fridge or freezer or tin, the secret is to not use anything too overpowering like swede or greens, and cook it until everything is really soft so it just melts into one thick rich sauce, carrots are really essential in achieving the richness of the sauce. I also do the same for my Bolognese sauce but obviously omit the chicken, chicken stock cube, beans and chilli and add lean mince beef, beef cube and mixed herbs instead. For the curry use chicken, and curry powder, spices or paste.

Put two inches or so of hot water in a pan
Add chopped onions
Sliced peppers
Sliced mushrooms
A stick or two of celery
2or3 carrots crated or use a potato peeler to shred them up
1or2 courgettes sliced / chopped
Two tins of chopped tomatoes
Half a teaspoon of sugar (always add sugar with tin toms to reduce the acidity)
Two fresh green chilli’s if liked
Mild or hot chilli powder you choose how hot you like it but go easy until is has almost cooked as it increases in intensity
Fresh garlic or paste add as much as you like
Crumble in one stock cube veg or chicken
Put the lid on and gently simmer for about twenty minutes or until quite soft
Add chunks of raw chicken breast I use one breast per person
Put the lid back on and gently simmer again for about another twenty minutes so that the chicken is cooked properly
Now stir in 1or2 tins of rinsed kidney beans or butter beans or even sweet corn if you don’t like beans
Finally stir in half a tube of tomato puree don’t be tempted to add this any sooner as it is used to thicken the chilli and will quickly burn the bottom of the pan (and the chilli) if you have anymore significant cooking time left to do. ENJOY!

If this is too much fuss for you then just chuck everything (except the tomato puree) in a casserole dish and cook for about two hours gas mark 4 take the lid off and add the puree before serving.
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Do you repeat that plan every week, or do you just use it as a general guideline?[/QUOTE]

thanks Aline, most main meals get repeated over a period of about three weeks to one month
I will post more in the future if it is helpful?
Thanks HappyEm, on Sunday’s I don’t replace the potatoes with anything we have four or five other vegetables instead this week we had swede, carrots, broccoli, green beans and stir fried Brussels sprouts. I’m thinking that I will introduce them again one day when we have lost the weight and use them sensibly as part of maintaining a healthy weight but at the moment that is a long way off and no one minds, psychologically we don’t get that sleepy Sunday feeling anymore either.
Courgette strips sounds great, I have done courgette ribbons in the past as a side veg so can see how this will work, definitely on my list, thanks for this idea
Bread was definitely my hubby’s downfall it’s so dammed convenient isn’t it oh and tasty, but we’ve done it and we really haven’t missed it.
I’ve done sweet potato jackets before; a little funky but may well revisit them soon.
Thanks for your help, please try the sauce it works really well and tastes more luxurious than jarred sauces


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Don't worry hun, I just was curious about it. You're really organized, I wish I could stick to plans as well but I'm a bit more on the intuitive eating:)

Keep up the good work, I'm sure both you and your family are healthier :)
Ah, thanks very much for posting the recipe..I'm going to try it out tommorrow night :D. I'm going to sit down later and make up my meal plan for the week. I wouldn't get away with cutting out potatoes in my house, as I have to cook for two more..but I think I might buy a really strong rye bread tommorrow and just have one slice a day. I haven't hear of that brand of yoghurt..would it be similar to a low fat greek yoghurt?.
Hi HappyEm, I've done a meal plan for most of my married life, I found that it helped me to keep to a tight budget when our children were small and it has stuck ever since. As the years have gone by I have found it invaluable for balancing work and home life. Have a go I'm sure once you start one you'll find it so helpful. I can remember going to the shops and thinking 'right, what shall we have for tea' filling the trolley with tosh and getting home and not being able to make a proper meal out of any of it. I also shop on-line once a month for all my dry, tinned and packet goods, that way you only have to get your veg, milk etc on the way home from work. I do the order and then go over it at least twice and take out all the bits I impulse ordered!! you cant do that in store at the checkout!

My daughter is starting CD in two weeks but my son who thankfully is not overweight eats potatoes so I still do them for him, takes no time to peel, roast, boil, mash one portion, try just doing less, they may not even notice.

With bread I got my husband to use half the amount initally by taking a salad to work with the bread separately, I told him to eat the salad first and eat the bread last so that psychologically he had not missed out, now he doesnt take any bread and he has changed his breakfast from toast to branflakes.

You can buy EasiYo online @ qvc. you have to make it up yourself, really quick and easy and quicker than going to the shops to buy yogurt, Looks expensive but look at the amount you get. It is filling and so tasty. They do a low fat range but I love the normal ones. The one I have at the moment is 'boysenberry' and the fat content is 2.5g per 100g so thats fine. It is a live culture, high in calcium with no nasty preservatives or gelatines. I would never go back to shop yogurts they seem powdery and ones like muller light are not going to satisfy til your next meal. Ooooh and you can even turn it into soft cheese spread, add garlic and herb like a 'Philadelphia' (I should be a rep for this stuff LOL) If you cant get your hands on it stick to the heaviest one you can find that has <4.0g per 100g/mls.

Rye bread is so tasty and good for you... thinking that may be on my list for my one slice this week with some homemade Philli. Many thanks for that !

weigh day tomorrow
I'd love to be able to order online but we live on the third floor and have no lift..I ordered once and the poor delivery man nearly died!. He wanted to leave all the big plastic boxes at the end of the stairs but I had nowhere to store them..so he had to wait while I brought it all up bit by bit (I'm such a dope-I didn't realise it wouldn't be bagged!). NIGHTMARE!!
I'm off to get the shopping shortly. I'm bringing my 3 year old to 'help'. My sister came up with a good idea earlier-she told me to bring his little trolley too and he can get the small bits..he'll be delighted!
I'll start to write a food diary next week, it's long overdue. I have a little school copybook here and that's what I'm jotting it all down in.
I'll have a look at the yoghurt later online, thanks. I love yoghurt & fruit..yum. I was a big fan of T*sco's low fat chocolate mousses as a little treat but then I read the ingredients a while back..disgusting. Most of the supermarket ones are laced with sugar..especially the kid's ones.
I like that idea of eating your salad first and then seeing if you're hungry enough for the bread..if I fall off the Rye bread wagon this week, I'll try that!!
oh what a nightmare your home delivery was! How did you get on with your shopping with your little one helping and did you find the EasiYo online?
another 3 pounds off today heeehaaa

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