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  1. Auxie

    Auxie Member

    Started today; Stats - 28.4 st (terrible) BMI - 52.8 Waist - 54" - Weight needed to lose: 12.4st - Target: 16st... Shall take some time but lets get it done.

    Today went okay; started my headaches already.. trying to keep busy and push through..
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  3. Nina22

    Nina22 Full Member

    Hi Auxie,:welcome2:Well done for getting started,you will do it!! Good luck. X
  4. Busy Mum

    Busy Mum Silver Member

    Hi Auxie, welcome to the forum. The first week is tough but you can get through it and although it won't feel like it sometimes, I promise if you can just hang in there, stick at it 100% it will get a lot easier. It's a good idea to keep busy if you can but if all else fails just go to bed, if you can, anything not to crack. Keep posting on here and in the main Lipotrim forum aswell and you will get plenty of support. They are lots of new starters at the moment so you're not alone. Best wishes.
  5. needtobeskinny

    needtobeskinny Full Member

    Hi auxie.....well done on taking the first step on on your lipotrim journey. I too like you have a long road ahead.....7+ stone to loose. I'm on my 2nd day and had a slight headache nothing a neurofen didn't sort though......water water water is apparently the up'd the water today and felt loads better! Good luck!v
  6. NewGirl2013

    NewGirl2013 Full Member

    Hello Auxie and needtobeskinny, welcome to the forum. Well done on starting LT, it is fantastic diet and the results are amazing!

    The headache won't last more that 3 days so just try to drink loads and loads of water and you'll be fine. my headache was really bad, but it only lasted 3 days, now I am on day 26 no headache at all, I don't feel hungry and I am just watching the pounds drop day by day, so Girls stick to it, it really works! Good luck xx
  7. needtobeskinny

    needtobeskinny Full Member

    @newgirl2013. Hi, well done on your weightloss and determination, I hope I can get to day 26 and still be optimistic, my headaches haven't been that bad, I don't think I was drinking enough water, I find it rather hard to drink so much, feel like I'm drowning lol. Day 2 almost over and still have 1 shake to go....think I will have that made up like a latte after kids are tucked in. Thanks for the encouragement and GOOD LUCK on your journey
    louise x x
  8. Auxie

    Auxie Member

    Thanks for the replies :] today was pretty good; Just kept busy n once i had nothing to do i just slept; not feel hungry, headache has gone so all good :] @louise good luck with your diet and mix it up with the water, I've been using bottled - buxton/volvic for 1ltr, tap .5 ltr, .5 ltr as plain teas, also a glass of tap with ever shakes, cause honestly they really do taste awful... but suppose ill get used to them :p
  9. Teapot

    Teapot Gold Member

    Welcome Auxie!

    You're in good company with all these lovely ladies. We're all really supportive and all have loads of weight to lose. One foot in front of the other and propping each other up as we go.

    Best wishes

    Kay x x x
  10. needtobeskinny

    needtobeskinny Full Member

    @auxie, I actually quite like the shakes, especially the vanilla, I don't drink tea or coffee so just shakesvandcwater for me, which I think will retrain my taste buds, I'm sooooo excited about this diet, I can't wait to be thin lol. Good luck for today, we can do it!! X x
  11. Auxie

    Auxie Member

    Day 4, and I've just had dreams about food, think my father (live with parents) brought in a takeaway after finishing work. Not good. But keeping with it, 15mins til shake time so should be okay.

    I dont mind the strawberry ones but the others are not appealing, also might i ask, how do you make them up? I use a shaker - usually shake for 90 seconds with 8floc and sometimes get lumps in the shake. I've tried shaking for longer but it doesn't improve.

    I have noticed some weight loss already but its only water weight so im not really excited yet! After im in ketosis/on week 2 ill probably be more up for it heh.
  12. needtobeskinny

    needtobeskinny Full Member

    @auxie, I blend my shakes with ice, sooooo much better, you can get a cheap hand blender in tesco for about a fiver, well woth it, I'm on day 4too, and feel loads better today, keep with it Hun x x
  13. Busy Mum

    Busy Mum Silver Member

    Hi Auxie. Well done for getting through another day. I've been doing this for a few months now and I still take it one day at a time, otherwise if I look to far ahead it can make me feel down about how long I'm going to be on the shakes for! That's not to say I don't have plans and mini goals in my mind. I always make my shakes up with 500ml of ice cold water, I use a shaker but I then pour it into a pint glass through a tea strainer because I just can't stand the lumps!
  14. needtobeskinny

    needtobeskinny Full Member

    Well another day under my belt, how's everyone else doing today, hope you have all been good lol x x
  15. Auxie

    Auxie Member

    Aye, not too bad, believe ive started ketosis ive been unable to keep warm all day and im usually all toasty. Also having pains in my sides, like around my ribs. So I ended up having a nap (just woken from) ive one shake and around a ltr of water to get down me for the day, then back to bed. As ive ran outta things to do, but university starts Monday so thankfully ill be insanely busy after that.

    How are are you today needtobeskinny?

    @busymum I might try that, I usually just make it up and attempt to gulp in one!

    Last edited: 5 January 2013
  16. needtobeskinny

    needtobeskinny Full Member

    @auxie, I've not been too bad today, little tired after mucking out the stables, but hey it's exercise right? I was hoping I would be in ketosis before now, think I might invest in some ketostix, do you still feel hungry? Yeah uni will keep you busy, no time to think about the dreadful f word lol, what are you studying? I have just took 2 strong painkiller so hopefully will drift off into a coma for the night, not been sleeping that well since I started lt.....good luck for tomorrow, keep with it x x
  17. Auxie

    Auxie Member

    @needtobeskinny I had my moments yesterday, I love nuts, brazil or cahshew nuts mainly and I was craving those. Also I had to make dinner for the family which wasn't enjoyable. I've woke up this morning without feeling hungry, whether or not my digestive system has woken up yet is debatable, and ill only find out as the day progresses.

    I study biomedical science, laboratory work, basically analysis samples whether bloods, tissue samples or other bodily fluids for disease, that your GP or a Dr/nurse takes within hospitals. I enjoy it, its just im surrounded by skinny people all the time; one reason ive finally decided to use lipotrim, my overall aim is to be slimmer for when i graduate. I know i won't ever be super slim as my body frame prevents such a thing. Anyways im rambling =) i hope today is an easy day for you, and last thought youre probably in ketosis, not everybody gets symptoms, but by week 2 (tuesday?) you'll be in it regardless. One step at a time! Oh and one positive fibe you can have; by now you've probably already lost those chrismas lbs!

  18. needtobeskinny

    needtobeskinny Full Member

    @auxie, I feel your pain with the cooking, my eldest daughter has been fantastically supportive though, she keeps helping me cook, then she serves whilst I escape, I find that really helps. I know what you mean about being surrounded by slim people, not 1 of my friends is overweight, that makes for interesting girlie weekends and nights out. I haven't even told any of them I'm doing lt, as they try and talk me out of it by saying its an unhealthy way to loose weight. Your uni course sounds very interesting, I couldn't do it though, I pass out at the sight of blood lol. Auxie please don't give into the cravings, you will only be very disappointed in yourself! You've got this girl! Good luck for today!
    Louise x x
  19. Annie100

    Annie100 Full Member

    Welcome I started 03.10.12 Completed 13 weeks lost 4st 5lbs Stick with it - 1st 2 weeks are the hardest!! Ive been 100% even over Christmas & New Year The results out weigh the need!!!

  20. needtobeskinny

    needtobeskinny Full Member

    @annie100. Well done on your fantastic weightloss, that's amazing, if you don't mind me asking, what was your starting weight, I hope I can loose it that fast :)
    Louise x x
  21. Annie100

    Annie100 Full Member

    I don't like the vanilla on its own BUT in Coffee its lovely

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