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Average losses on 790?


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Hi Louise
CD has changed a bit and 790 is now 810(bit more milk allowed). There is also SS+ which is 4 packs plus 200ml milk or 3 packs plus 200kcals of food.

As far as I know the losses are very similar to ss. Maybe a pound or two less a month. I am trying to ss but I do have the occasional SS+ or 810 day if I am struggling.

Hope this helps



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Great thank you! I didnt know it had changed! I have sent my local CDC an email to get more info......still deciding!


Cambridge Consultant
I'm doing 810 plan. On my first week (which was actually W8 packs but same thing really) I lost 9lbs, 2 week 3lbs, last week 2lbs (but I couldn't stay away from the cheese), this week its looking to only be about another 2lbs loss, but we'll see on Monday.

I have to say I am finding it soooooooo much easier than being on packs alone but don't know if I'm happy enough that I may only lose 2lbs a week, especially since I've not cheated this week. May just be a wee stall though and it will pick up, so I'll keep going.

Good luck, I've definitely found it makes a huge difference having the meal at night, you can keep going through the day much easier.

C xxx
My average losses are just over 3lbs a week. That was last time round anyway.We'll see about this time soon enough. I don't use the milk allowance though.

Good Luck


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