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Average Weight Loss on Exante ...


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Hello summergurl,

It is pretty much the same whichever sole source VCLD program is taken. There probably is no average as such. I should think that any weightloss will to some extent depend on the BMR of the individual. But I could just be wrong :D

Love Myr xxx
Pick a figure between about 7 and 25lb and... well that's about it, really.

There's just too many variables from person to person to give an average that would sensibly apply to *everyone*. For example, you've exceptionally successful in on a TFR before, your system will be used to it, and you have a substantially lower start weight than I. So any averages that might apply to a newbie very-big-bird like I was, will (both happily and sadly) not apply to you.

In short, too difficult to say :)


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Just as i thought :giggle:

I did TFR once and lost 11lbs first week and the 2nd time around i lost 11lbs again in the first week and i was considerably lighter. This time i have gained around 1.5st and am still almost 7st lighter than orginally starting a year ago so im guessing i wont get another 11lbs lol

I think i'd be happy with 1.5st in 4 weeks i think thats pretty doable! :)
I reckon 3-4lbs a week (with a bigger loss sometimes in the first week) seems to be what most of us are getting, so I reckon you're right!

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