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Avon lady??? OT

I use quite a bit of Avon, I love the ANEW range and it has helped loads with the skin firming etc...
So the other day I was placing an order on website and it said buy yours and friends products at discount by cecoming a rep.. so I filled int he form out of interest....

About an hour a go a lady knocked my door plunged a carrier bag full of stuff in my hand, said don't worry about having to get a c ertain amount of orders just sell what you want...
I don't harrass any of my Avon Lady's!!!

Erm ok... so Now I am an Avon Lady???/

How the hell did that happen....

and I am supposed to sell stuff to my friends??? erm like who????

LOL I get myself in to some situations... and my daughter is still laughing going around the house shouting... ding dong... Avon Calling!

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LOL........... awww Tilly thats so funny!!!!
so are you going to start knocking on doors selling it...........
Good luck hon x


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Blimy, I know all companies are desperate for business but that takes the biscuit!!! I'd call them and tell them to hurry up and pick it all up or you'll use it all yourself at their expense!!! (or send some to me....I LOVE anew stuff <ggg>) xxxx
I am not the type of person to go door knocking.. especially not around here :)
I really was just curious!!

Noooo no samples!!! just piles of catalogues and a pile of paperwork!!


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I have been an Avon Rep and Sales Leader.. Have you signed on the dotted line?...

If you've not signed... She doesn't sound like she'd make a great "boss", I'd steer clear and find someone else's team to join if you want to do it! Also you can ask for a local road to do if you want to boost your sales. You don't door knock, just pop the book through, then go back to collect it later in the week.

Oh and you'll need to declare to the inland revenue and fill in a tax return every year, even if buying for just yourself.



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Crikey - I wouldn't fancy that much!!! Talk about presumptuous!!!
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I'm an avon lady and used to be a sales leader, the way she has just dumped the stuff on you is appauling!!! and i reckon Avon wouldnt be too impressed either, they are supposed to spend time with you and go thru everything then tell you when they are comming back to go thru submitting your 1st order,AND again when it arrives.
i gave up being a salesleadr cos i wasnt earning what i was told i could but i'm still a rep, the money is ok once you have built up a customer base.
let me know if you need any more help or info


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Tilly lol
I used to do Avon years ago , I did avon for over a year not long really . But when I said I was coming with the order I would be there , most people think you will only last months and don't order , I think its best to knock and ask them if they would like to look at the avon book and then you know how many books you want . Do you still have to pay for avon books ? its been 20 years since I did it, I used to also have to pay for bags too . I really did it to do something as it does not pay that well
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you can make money at it i average about £100 each campaign ie every 3 weeks, but it does take a while to build up your customer base


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I was thinking about doing Avon until I found out that you have to pay for the brochures, even the paper bags you put the products in and there is minimum order before you can claim commission.

However good luck if you do decide to sell Avon. Have you got any Residential Homes/Nursing Homes near you? I have a friend that is an Avon lady and she leaves books at Residential Homes, she always gets a batch of orders from the staff and the residents. X x


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Im an avon lady too and i really enjoy it actually. Give it a try if you fancy selling to friends and family, if you want to go door knocking you will need to get an assigned street from your sales leader :) good luck whatever you decide! :)
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you can 'network'too. ihave a few customers who takes books for their friends and family too and i have one friend who's a nurse and she takes half a dozen books into work with her, i dont really like doing the door to door thing
I am really not sure, I am not that sociable :)
The extra money would be nice but I live in an 'interesting' area and would worry that I might get my nose punched if I knocked on certain doors.
Loads of nursing homes around here, but not sure if one would be standing on someone elses toes! So still ont he fence!


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Ask to speak to the manager Tilly, ask them if they have an Avon lady and if not are they interested. You can always ring them if you don't want to cold call in person.

Good luck x x

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