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Awch!! Don't eat more than 1 kelloggs fibre plus bar!!!

I ate two yesterday - & boy did I pay for it last night!!!!

I have read on here a couple of times about people being very windy if they have eaten two, but my hubby is away & I just thought - oh well no probs there then:p

Only I woke at 1:20 this morning & had such pains in my tummy, really really uncomfortable :cry: This continued for hours - I took some tablets hoping to ease the pains, then eventually at about 6 this morning the pain knocked me sick, so spent the next 1/2hr or so being sick:cry:

This is the only thing I think it could have been - so be warned!!
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Oh poor you! That sounds awful - thanks for the warning though.

I hope it passes and you can rest up and feel better soon xx
Sure it's not this sickness bug going around? My patrners brother, wife & kids are coming down with it one by one.
Hope you feel better soon. X


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I've eaten two before and not had wind or anything. Usually the things that give me wind are dried apricots and scan bran cake - and green days! On green days I have chips, eggs and mushy peas for dinner, THEY are lethal!


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How many syns are there in each bar?


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yeah they are 5.5 per bar or a HEB! do you have fibre intolerance???

Sounds more like a bug than an over fibre issue - as that would make you 'go' more than be sick..

Hey i aint a doctor tho - so thats just what i think....hope you feel better x


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I've eaten three in one sitting once and the only result I had was needing the loo quite soon after.... No sickness though! Could be down to a bug, rather than the bars xx
Well after a whole day yesterday of tummy pains - almost like twisting guts!! I felt dreadful :(

I honestly don't know what is was, but do think that the fibre bars may have been to do with it as it honestly felt like terrible trapped wind!! :eek:

I ended up in bed last night with a hot water bottle & painkillers - my tummy was so bloated I looked pregnant!! I had lots of wind too.

Woken this morning & my tummy is fine again - no more pains & it isn't bloated anymore. Had some breakfast & all is well again.

Had a rubbish day on plan yesterday because of it - hope that it hadn't hindered my WI this week now though!
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hi guys.... just little heads up if having the fibre plus bars... they are a heb, if not 5.5 for the milk ones, but the dark choc and almond ones are 6.



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Well I tried these for the first time on on Wednesday. Boy oh boy the pain hurt! But I read the back of the wrapper and it says "New user : Increase your fibre intake gradually and ensure to drink plenty of water. Gastrointestinal discomfort may occur until your body adjusts". This could be your answer.


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i have to say that i have been having these and had really bad tummy pain (very similar to when i tried alpen light and cos of my crohns i get really bad reaction to pre and pro biotics) so i stopped. had one yesterday and was bloated and felt rubbish.

I usually have ryvita with no probs so have lots of fibre - i wonder if they have put pre/pro biotics in but not listed it

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