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Azn's Weight loss - Hopefully.. Start - 8/8/10

Started with a weigh in on Sunday, and will post results tomorrow which is sunday, then every other sunday after that. aiming for 1kg a week... thats about 2.2lbs lets see how this goes ;D:D:D

---------- Target ----- Achieved
08/08/10 - 86KG ------- 86KG
15/08/10 - 85KG ------- 84KG
22/08/10 - 84KG ------- 83KG
29/08/10 - 83KG ------- 82KG


Target 1 - 80KG
Target 2 - 75KG
Target 3 - 70KG
Target 4 - Shock and confuse family on chirstmas
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Update, Woke up today, completely forgot about the Weigh In, i had breakfast, went Gym, had a protein shake, and alot of water, then remembered to weigh myself, (i usually weigh myself first thing in the morning)

But, anyway, i am now 84KG ;)
Well done you on your loss this week! :)


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Heya, well done on the loss so far, that's amazing ;)
Hope that you heva a great week.

Not been on much, with starting college again and getting ready for it, seeing friends and stuff, but, i thought id update my progress, got down to 82Kg on Sunday, and had a naughty peek on Thursday and had dropped to 81, but i have not updated this, just in case i lose that one extra Kg somehow :)

I would be very, very happy if I hit 80Kg tomorrow.

Been good at school so far, I get up at 6 and go for a 45 min walk, have breakfast, have my 5 fruit at school at day between periods and eat when i get home, go gym or walk, then eat dinner and sleep about 2 and a half hours later, been working so far-

:):) love you guys!
Wow well done! You're doing amazingly!
Hope college goes ok.
Hey guys!, Started gym properly about 2 weeks ago, didnt mention before because i wasnt sure how smoothly it would go, but its awesome, got myself whey protein aswell, checked my weight yesterday morning and im down to 74KG, meaning in hopefully 2/3 weeks ill be at my target.

I will say however, that it seems that i will have to lose more, as i dont think that 4kg will get me looking how i want to look, definatly dont want to go as low as 65kg- im 6"3 :/

Thanks guyssss


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You are doing great! well done, keep going!
I will say however, that it seems that i will have to lose more, as i dont think that 4kg will get me looking how i want to look,
Make sure its not just that your body image has not yet caught up with your real size. That can happen. Also you may still have spare tissue that used to have fat in it, which will tighten up in time as you are young.

Though I guess younger people tend to be lighter for their height than older ones, for the sake of fashion.
Hey all,

A quick update, had a few parties and a long weekend in Wolverhampton with cousins, and not been good with stuff, but thankfully, i still dropped weight, im now 72kg. and now i have a half term holiday :) so its all good. Thanks for the support guys :)

Wont be long till 70kg :D

love you!

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