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Baby things

Have you not get any pregnancy books as they outline what you need.

Things like a cot, celleuar sheets, baby towels, baby toe nail scissors, hair brush etc, car seat, clothing, changing mat, nappies, bottle sterlising equipment (if you decide forulma or express), high chair, moses basket, pushchair - to name but a few things
Feeds: Bottles, steriliser, bottle brush (all optional, if you're breastfeeding, handy to have if you can afford it in case breastfeeding doesn't go very well. A must if you plan on expressing your breast milk) formula (if bottle feeding) bibs, highchair (from 6 months)

Clothes: Vests, babygrows, all-in-one coat (especially if it'll be a winter baby) outfits, scratch mittens, thin cotton hats (midwives usually put these on baby after they're born) socks, pram shoes.

Bed: Cot, bedding, mobile/musical toy that attaches to the cot (optional) baby monitors (if baby's cot will be in another room) moses basket (optional, but very handy).

Grooming: Nail Clippers, hairbrush

Bathing: Baby bath/bath seat (optional) baby shampoo/top to toe wash, flannels/sponges, baby hooded towels (optional, but very handy) talc, baby moisturiser.

Bums: Nappies, baby wipes, Sudocrem (or any nappy rash cream, just in case) changing mat (also handy for after a bath)

Out and about: Pushchair, carseat (some hospitals won't let you leave without one) changing bag.

Extras: Baby toys, books to read to baby.
Wow - good list. I don't need anything :( , except new bottles, and I bought them already. I will treat myself to new baby gro's and vests for hospital and a coming home outfit. But I can't really justify anything else.
I have made lists and segrated it with timeframes on what I need to buy, so anal, lol But I am really frustrated at the moment as I can not spend anything on baby until July after my honeymoon as most of my income will go on stuff when we are away. But I love baby shopping is one of the best things about pregnancy along with baby interactions :)
Just to add - muslins! We used them so much for the first 3-4 months and still use them now and Thomas is almost 7 months old. Keep a pile in the lounge and a few upstairs in the bedroom for night feeds.

Most things you don't necessarily have to get for when the baby is home however you won't have a great deal of time once it is, so if there are things such as a breast pump etc. that you're planning on getting, do the research, work out where to get it from and make a list. Then once you know that you may need something, check where to get it from and go get it. I didn't buy a pump until I knew I would definitely need/use it, as the decent ones aren't cheap.


Reaching the goal

  • debtdummy> How's baby? Is he/she home yet? Did you buy all the things that were suggested?


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I'm only 20 weeks chick, just trying to be super organised,


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Oh gosh, I don't feel organised at all, still have to prepare the nursery, needs painting, decorating, carpets and furniture! Help Xxx
I would not worry Titz, my nursery is not decorated and the only furtinure or baby item I have is a psuh chair/car seat. This is because of my wedding on Friday but once back after the 16th I be getting the stuff together :)


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Haha Titz!! Presume that's a typo! Thanks I'm not too worried, will probably feel super motivated after the scan on Monday!

Oh lovely that your getting married, are you excited and nervous? Good luck! X
Oops sorry since doing my dissertation I have stopped caring about my spelling, lol

The wedding was great but I was nervous and exciting. But now super happy to be going away on my honeymoon tomorrow.

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