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Babybloo SW journee!


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Have decided that I'm more likely to be 100% if I make a promise to write down my food and confess!

Tuesday, 18th August- Extra Easy

2 ASDA red.fat sausages = 2 syns and a chopped hard boiled egg on 2 slices of 400g wholemeal bread= HEB


Gammon and potato salad (sliced gammon steak, baby potatoes, tbsp petit pois, tbsp sweetcorn, 2 tbsp extra light mayo, fat free nat yogurt, garlic, black pepper) = 1 syn
Side Salad (mixed lettuce leaves, carrot, cabbage, onion)

Slice of Lemon sponge = 3.0 syns
Mint Choc 'cream' (fat free fromage frais, half packet options mint madness) = 1 syn

Del Monte Frozen Pineapple Stick= 1.5 syns

Chinese Style Sweet Chilli Chicken (adapted from the diet coke recipe. Half a can of diet coke mixed with soy sauce, tsp crushed garlic, half tsp chillies, tsp Bisto Best gravy granules and a litte chopped ginger reduced and mixed with chicken breast, stir fry veg, noodles)= 0.5 syns

Syn free pancake with mixed berries and white choc cream (fat free from frais with half sachet Options white choc= 1.25 syns)

My dinner was absolutely delicious. Think sweet chilli chicken might be a new favourite! I've told my gran that to kill the time before I go to get weighed tomorrow I'll go to hers and make her my dinner from tonight because I was so impressed with it. Who knew diet coke was so versatile?! I haven't had my healthy extra A choice today which isn't too good but all in all not a bad day. I have my menu planned for tomorrow which finishes my week and it takes me to 65.5 syns for the week and one a choice missed so hopefully I should see a loss.
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Are the Asda sausages free Hun?? Have you tried the Morrisons very low fat pork ones? They are definitely free and taste really good.
Dont forget that you can mix all free foods for a Green Day and a red day on EE, so that for breakfast you could have had a tin of baked beans and some bacon, mushrooms to go with it all.
Your lunch looked lovely!
Also what HeA are you having today? Dont forget in order for the EE plan to work, you need to have 1 HeA and 1 HeB for it to work properly.

Hope this helps you Hun.


Extra Easy Apparently...!

No, the Asda sausages are a syn each but I forgot to write that down. Oops!

I don't know yet what I'll be having as my HEA choice. For dinner I am planning on making sticky chicken (the diet coke recipe) with stir fry veg and noodles so I might just drink a glass of milk later.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Lol...the diet coke chicken is lovely! Enjoy!


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Wednesday 19th August-Extra Easy​

HEA: 2x mini babybel light
HEB: 2x ryvita and 1 alpen light bar​

B: Mixed berry granola (crushed ryvita mixed with berries and grapes) and white choc 'cream' (fat free from frais and half sachet of options white choc)=1.25 sybs
Alpen light bar​

L: Home made chicken and ham fried rice (half a chicken breast, half a gammon steak, 50g rice, spring onions, petit pois, sweetcorn, soy soy, garlic, tsp Bisto best gravy, egg) = 0.5 syns​

D (after weigh in): Gran's leftover chicken breast curry with rice = 5syns
Minted (added a dash of peppermint essence) frozen grapes with white choc fromage frais (fat free from frais and sachet of Options white choc)= 2.5 syns

Snack: 2 mini babybel light (wasn't hungry but didn't want to not use my HEA for the second day in a row).

Total syns: 9.25

Enjoyed what I ate today- lurved the frozen grapes.

Lost two pounds at weigh in too so a good start and have to say, I'm loving extra easy!​
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Extra Easy Apparently...!
Thursday 20th August- Extra Easy​

HEA: 175ml skimmed milk and 1 mini babybel light
HEB: 2 Weetabix​

B: 2 Weetabix with milk
Banana, Necatarine​

L: Baked bean and smoked bacon lasagne (100g baked beans, ½can chopped toms, 2tbsp chick peas, 2 2tbsp sweetcorn, ½ onion, 2 bacon rashers, lasagne sheets, herbs, egg, cheese & chive cottage cheese, mini babybel light)
Cherry Mullerlight
Packet of Fridge Raiders 'Hot and Spicy' Bites= 2 syns​

D:3x 'Joe's sausages' garlic and chilli pork grills

Meringue nest with mixed berries and white choc cream= 5.5 (3 for the meringue nest and 2.5 for sachet of Options white choc mixed with total 0% greek yog) & 2tbsp squirty cream = 0.5 syns

Total syns: 8.0

All in all had a tasty day- enjoyed the lasagne but think next time I'll make it as a pasta bake instead. The 'Joe's grills' were lovely but think I had too much salad today and would have preferred them with my original plan of roast veg and mash. The pudding was absolutely divine- I'm sure my neighbours must have heard me oohing and aahing my whole way through it.​
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Extra Easy Apparently...!
Hi Sarah!

I haven't made any yet from the batch I ordered the other day but when I did SW in the past his stuff was amazing. I'll report back after the grills tonight as i've never tried these anyway.


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Hi Sarah!

The grills were gorgeous- all meaty and full of flavour but had them with salad and think I would have enjoyed them more with roasted veg and mash.


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Friday 21st August​
Extra Easy​

HEA: 21g red.fat cheese and 1 mini babybel light
HEB: 57g wholemeal roll​

B: Tuna and Cheese melts (70g wholemeal roll= 1HEB and 1.5 syns)
3 small wholemeal roll halves grilled and spread with passata and italian herbs. Topped with tuna, spring onions, cherry toms, cheese and black pepper.​

1x roses 'caramel velvet'= 2 syns
1x roses 'hazel whirl' = 2 syns​


L: Sweet Chilli Chicken kebab = 1 syn
Half packet of Jazzed of Batchelors savoury rice
Cranberry and raspberry mullerlight​

D: Other half of my baked bean and smoked bacon lasagne
Eton Mess: 8 syns​

Total syns: 14.5​
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Extra Easy Apparently...!
I was really lazy at the weekend and although I wrote my food down, I forgot to update my diary so here goes.

Saturday 22nd August- Extra Easy

B: 2 slices of hovis wholemeal toasted from 400g loaf, dry fried onions and plum tomatoes, dry fried egg, 2 Joe's sausages, 2x smoked bacon rashers

L: Packet of Mattessons Fridge Raiders = 2.5 syns, Sharon fruit

D: Chicken and Ham egg fried rice = 0.5 syns, Mayflower curry sauce = 4 syns, syn free wedges

Strawberries with 0% total yog and options white choc sachet

Total syns= 9.5

Sunday 23rd August- Red

B: sausage, ham and egg sandwich (2x hovis wholemeal, 2x smoked bacon rasher, 1 dry fried egg)

L: Chinese Style lemon chicken = 0.5 syns (chicken breast, onions, peppers, can of diet coke, tsp bisto best, garlic, chillies, juice and rind of one lemon, tbsp lemon juice)

D: Chicken breast with pigs in blankets, 198g dry roasted potatoes, roasted veg, cauliflower cheese, smart price yorkshire pudding, gravy = 3.5 syns
Mixed berry pavlova (ASDa Extra special meringue nest, greek 0% yog mixed with Options white choc sachet, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries), 2x tbsp squirty cream= 6 syns

Total Syns: 9.5


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Today is another red day

Monday 24th August

A: 2 light cheese triangles
A: 42g red.fat cheese
B: 228g jacket potato (although it's smaller than that)
B: 57g wholemeal roll

B: 2x syn free pancakes with white choc cream and mixed berries
= 2.5 syns

L: Double Stacked Burger (2x joe's pork and chilli burgers, 2x light cheese slices, 57g wholemeal roll, tbsp tomato ketchup) = 1 syn
Syn free wedges, salad

D: Chicken and ham pie (Chicken breast, gammon steak, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, mixed veg, gravy topped with butternut squash and swede mash and 42g red.fat cheese) = 3.5 syns


Extra Easy Apparently...!
I've been lazy and haven't been updating this the last few days so I will start again today. Lost 2lbs this week- woohoo!

Today I am doing my first green day
A: 42g reduced fat cheese
B; 28g porridge oats
B: Hifi Bar

B- Cranberry and Raspberry porridge oats (28g porridge oats soaked overnight in cranberry and raspberry mullerlight)

L; Ainsley Harriet Spciy veg cous cous (0.5 syns)
WW Lemon Cheesecake yog

D: Spicy Bean and Sausage pasta bake (beans, quorn sausages, chopped toms, onions, chilli pennie,sweetcorn, garlic, chillies, Italian herbs) topped with sliced potatoes and half packet of Morrisons instant cheese sauce mix (3 syns) and 42g red.fat cheese

S: Hifi Bar

Total Syns: 3.5
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