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Babymimi's Diary xx

Hi all, my name is Lisa and i am 29 years old, have 2 children aged 3 and 6 and a husband called Dave.

I joined this site about a year ago (when i was doing weight watchers for the millionth time lol)

I have been trying to lose weight for 10 years, have many many false starts on ww and sw. However watching my sil lose 7 stone in a year with xenical i am now inspired.

I have recently been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and so i need to do this now, for my health andmy family.

I went to the doctors at the beginning of this week and she has said i will be able to have the xenical, providing i lose 4lb by th July. So i will start on Tues 6th July.

Ignore my current ticker as its about a year old lol. i will do a new one of tues 6th july, the day i start my xenical.

I am also treating myself to some new fitness gear and hubby has just bought me wiifit plus.

Heres to a new life!!!
Watch this space!!!!!!!

Love Lisa
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hello lisa my name is also lisa lol i started xenical on monday just gone looking forward to my first weigh in no nasty side affects yet your sister has done well on this did she exercise much good luck xx
Good luck Babymimi :)
Thanks Kathryn, just looking at ur progress, u have done really well!!!

Hi Lisa great name ;)

Yes my sil did exercise quite a lot, i know she went on lots of walks too.

Well i have devoted today to doing my menus for the week then doing my online shop. Although i dont start xenical til 6th july i am still going to follow a low fat plan from tuesday. Will put my weight on tues (as per my wii fit) then report each week.

Good luck ladies
Thank you babymimi :D

I think the exercise bit is really important. I really only go for a walk most days.

The problem is I loathe exercise so it's hard to get up the enthusiasm! :)
Evening ladies!

Day one almost over (i am not starting xenical until beg of july but getting a head start)

Am a bit annoyed with myself. I planned all my meals but did not decide what i was having untill i had it if u know what i mean, was just planning on mixing and matching, and as a result i have just totted up the calories only to find that i have stupidly gone about 200 cals over :mad: (fat consumption was way below though)

Oh well, we live and learn. So i have just stood in the kitchen for ages planning each and every meal and totting up the calories.

Tomorrows another day!!!

Am looking forward to the scales next week!

According to myfitness pal I'm supposed to consuming 1300 odd calories (before exercise) but IIRC the normal limit for a woman is 1800. So I figure as long as you're below this amount then don't panic.

Well don't panic anyway.
Hiya Kathryn

Thanks for that, so i can up my calories to 1800 and as long as i keep my fat restricted to 45g i will still lose?

well the 1800 is the recommend daily allowance for a female

I think if you're trying to lose weight and not following something like Slimming world/weight watchers you probably want to aim below that.

I use myfitness pal and it calculates how many calories I should be eating each day.
Thanks Kathryn :)

Have just done some research and i am now having 1450 a day which is fine :)

Have had another good day including 20 mins on wiifit plus and now tops of my arms are agony from boxing!!!
Sure it will be worth it though!!

Had a yummy tea of spray roasted herb potatoes, turket breast, sweetcorn, 1 yorkshire pudding and some cottage cheese (!) :confused: odd combination but worth it!!!

maybe not the cottage cheese but the rest sounds lovely! :D
Had a major blip last night :sigh::cry::(:mad:

Had a bit of a row with hubby and ate lots of toast, some cheese and a bag of crisps.

Todays a new day....

Exactly got to keep that in mind!!
Well just been on wii fit and burned 155 cals :)

Am kid free tonight so going to have a nice warm bubbble bath now and then make my tea of spaghetti carbonara

Hope you enjoyed :D
Here is example diet, this was thursday

Breakfast cals fat
1 slice toast 95 1.2
1 laughing
cowlight 20 0.6
grapes 51 0.1

Lunch cals fat
1 small white roll 121 1.9
2 slices beef 60 1.4
50 light soft cheese 53 2
low fat yog 118 3.3

Dinner cals fat
150g turkey breast 200 8
150g new pots 148 0.2
30g sweetcorn 36 0.8
1/4 tin rice pud 83 1.3
1/2 teaspoon jam 50 0

Snacks cals fat
2 slices toast 190 2.4
2 laughing cow 40 1.2
2 meringe nest 102 0
2 slices beef 60 1.4

Total cals 1475
Total fat 27.3
Exercise 20 mins aerobic

Does this look ok?
I know i have a lot of snacks but i am still within my calorie allowance, i also do not like many veg so i struggle with that. But i am not about to start eating things that i dont like lol

I think if you're in your fat and calorie allowance it should be okay. what about fruit?
Yes am trying to eat more fruit, althought there wasnt much on that day.

I am doing the absolute best i can atm, i am trying to bear in mind that i have just been diagnosed with bipolar disordar and given up spoken. So although i do want to loose weight, it will be by trying to not make too many changes at the moment.

Given up spoken???? What the hell am i on about??

My daughter was talking to me lol, i meant smoking, obviously :rolleyes:


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