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Back again :)


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Hi Guys

Decided to try once more to shift a few stone. I lost 6 stone 5 years ago on LL but over time it has all gone back on again. :break_diet:

I have tried WW, SW, Counting Cals but the weight just doesnt shift (must be my age!). :mad:

I had hypnothearapy on 2nd July & since then have not snacked on chocolate, biscuits or crisps but still havent lost any weight :sigh:

So I have decided to bite the bullett & try to ss again in the hope of at least losing a couple of stone. :confused:

I dont want to drop as low as I did the first time round (to 9 stone) but a drop of 2 or 3 stone (taking me to 10/11 stone) would be just great. :eek:
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Hi Ros, I'm returning today too. I lost 4 stone 4 years ago and I've put it back on and a bit extra too. I've tried other methods in between and restarted CD a couple of times too.

Here's to a great restart, we can do it. :)
As someone doing CD for the first time would it be rude of me to ask about how you put the weight back on as this is something i am scared of once i get to goal.

I will understand if you don't want to answer ROSB and Bigpants.


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I managed to stay within a few pounds of my goal weight for probably a couple of years but I think it was a combination of changing my job from one where I was standing all day to a desk bound job plus the fact that a few pounds would creep on which I didnt worry about - then before you know it you have gained a stone.

I am also the type that is either all or nothing and I found once I started to gain more weight (ie over a stone) it just got out of control. I felt depressed/a failure and that made me eat more - I know it sounds mad but there you go!

I know I will always unfortunately have a weight problem as it has been with me so long now I dont think I will ever be able to eat normally.

If I could be happy at this weight I wouldnt worry about it but I am not happy so will continue to try to be slim again.

Please dont let my experience put you off as we are all different and I know people who have lost weight & have never regained any so I shows it can be done.
Thank you so much for being honest and not insulted by my question I sound like you in i am all or nothing and you have come back instead of carrying on spiralling out of controll so I am hoping by reading other peoples experiences it will help be to spot the signs and know when i might have to come back but I hope I don't have to but life sometimes gets in the way.

Again thank you so much and good luck with your re start xx
its a long journey and i am not counting my chickens just yet lol

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