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back....been working loads

Hey, welcome back! I'm quite new to this forum, but I'm looking forward to getting to know you better :) x


plodding away
I've just started posting here so will be pleased to get to know you. I noticed you are following WW too how are you getting on with them?
Welcome back hun, How are u doing? x
Hi Emma, i have seen a few of you posts so feel as if i know you a bit already LOL Congrats on your weight loss so far. x

Hi Vakwi, WW and Xenical arent the best combination as xenical cant differentaite between saturated fat and other fats, however I use my WW tracker as normal and then plot my fat and calories on the my fitness pal website {http://myfitness pal.com} the two do clash sometimes but after some trial and error ive got it to work in the most part. The only time it doesnt is with WW you can work in a take-away by saving points etc.. xenical doesnt really like that, however I have found as l dont have anything "bad" within 2 days of WI and dont binge but just have a meal that I can still take the xenical and be ok.

I have found some fab sausages in Asda...Bowyers less than 5% fat, they are pricey at £2.77 i think for 8 but they are 1 point each and I know dont like normal sausage, its too fatty.
If you need any help balancing the 2 just ask hun x

Silence hun, so you finally did and met the man of your dreams...good job your OH's cool about it LOL.
Ive been good thanks, very tired but Ive had a couple of days where my OH looked after my daughter to chill before the summer holiday madness began.
The diet has been bit up and down, seem to do really well then put bit back on then loose well again, still long as over the month its in the right direction thats the main thing.
I see your's is moving again, thats great hun, it can plateau longer for some than others but you perservered and broke it so well done !!! its so annoying how we can put it on easy enough, but shiftin it is another story, but it does help to think that thats the way our bodies are designed to hold on to it for a time when we havent got anything to eat and it can use the reserves.
Another thing that helped me was thinking that years ago when people put on bit of weight and their clothes got tight they would cut back not go out and get new clothes as the money wasnt around then, think that WHEN i get to goal that im gonna take that philosophy on, thought I will still get new clothes just not in bigger sizes, cant wait to be buying clothes in "normal" shops again, you wont be able to keep me otta there LOL
Saw somewhere that your family had been poorly are you all well now hun ? x
Why hellloooo

I did send out a search party thread for ya, so your absence was noted !!

Glad you are ok, catch up soon x


gunna be a fatty for ever
Glad you are back hun!!

Far too many people have gone awol lately!!! lol

How you been doing since you came back on here?

I too was worried about you and joined the search party !!
Love katie

Hello FBB and katie, nice to know I was missed...hadnt seen that thread LOL:thankyou:

FBB look at you loss hun v.well done xx

katie, yours coming off too thats great.

Hope you are both well, Im trying real hard not to fall off the wagon with the school hols LOL, so hard as Samantha seems to be hungry all the time !!!:eatdrink051:

I have managed to resist so far and WI last night revealed I had lost 4Ib last week, so here's to another week, though will prob have some water retention as will be few days to TOTM so we shall see.

Looking forward to August challenge, has Kirra been on lately or shall I get ready to set one up?


gunna be a fatty for ever

yeah i think shes been on! Shes got her own thread in the members only forum i think... could be wemitts one i cant remember !!!! shes doing goooooooooooooood if only i could be bothered to get off my big bum bum lol

I know what you mean about feeding the kids! Me and my partner eat dinner when they are in bed (they go to bed at 7 they are only 1 and 3). Otherwise we dont taste the food cos they make a mess, dont eat, kick, scream, want what were eating the list is endless!! And they eat food that its sooooo goood!! And the sweets!! oooh the sweets!!
its a rite pain cos everyone seems to buy the kids sweets and it drives me mad!!

How are you coping in the first week of the hols?

Love katie
Hi Emma, i have seen a few of you posts so feel as if i know you a bit already LOL Congrats on your weight loss so far. x
Lol I'm lurking around on the forum quite a lot lately, trying to get to know everybody. I've only lost 5lbs so far, but weigh-in is Monday, that's my first month over with, so fingers crossed I'll have something to add on to the 5lbs. I'm hoping for another 2lbs to make it half a stone, but we'll have to wait and see.

I tend to fall off the wagon a lot too, I lose motivation so easy. I've not really been giving the Xenical 100% this month either, I dunno what's wrong with me, but I've had a couple of fast food meals, and I can't seem to give up the sweets either. I know they're low in fat, but I forget about the calories in them, so it's no wonder I didn't lose any weight last week lol.

I'm going to be as good as can be this weekend though, and give it my all from next week onwards :)

How are you getting on lately? x

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