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back from holls, back on lipotrim

Had a an amazing time away.. did eat but not a huge amount, though did have a steak and stilton pie in readings famous sweeny and todd pie shop, omg was yum... drank loads and danced away... back on lipotrim today and feeling good and positive... weigh in for first time in 2 weeks on tuesday so i will see what damage has been done.... glad to be back and hope you are all being a bunch of big losers xxxxx
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Hopefully you wouldnt of done too much damage honey!
Well done you for jumping straight back into LT
And let us all know about your weighin on tues :D Good luck x


I will be skinny again!!!
hey tash!!

Good to hear you had a good time away!!! and that pie sounds beaut!!!

Good luck with the weigh in, Hopefully you wont have put on too much!!


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mmm sounds yummy i cant wait until my holiday! 5 weeks!
well.. looked like I jumped my guns with all the enthusiasm and hey Im fine going back on.. had mt two shakes today, then my son opened the nougat bar i got him from england, he didnt like it.. and guess what.. i scoffed it down.... god....... please someone tell me i can do it again.. tomorrow is another day.. I actually feel like i have put half a stone on in those few mouthfulls... any words of wisdom.... looks like i will be startin a day one diary in the morning xxx
hey hun,

whatever you do don't beat yourself up over this and decide to chuck it in.

it was a blip - happens all the time.

Make tomorrow your fresh start and kickstart your willpower by trying on clothes that you couldn't fit into before (thats what i do - it always helps! )


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great tip purpleangel i did that today and it really motivated me :)
thanks, will have a scout around my wardrobe now.. and maybe a look online for my next outfit.. i think where i went wrong is my whole lipotrim thing was about losing weight to go away, now i have been and gone and come back i am lacking another goal ifykwim.. so i need another goal.. just talking to my other half, he is really supportive but always points out the true facts... he says i should write down everything i ate while away( I would prob be shocked).. and restart with the same resolve i started out with, he pointed out i managed to not eat anything for over 5 weeks so thats how strong i am.. anyway, feeling a bit teary now but trying to buck myself up and not let it get me down
i will give you a goal.....

have a bikini body for summer so you can take the little one swimming :)

Don't be tearful hun (God knows i have also shed a few tears on LT!), its so not the end of the world cos tomorrow is going to be a success and next thing you know you will be back in ketosis!
well, put off weigh in yesterday, finally went in today.. whoopie, after all the pies and cocktails etc on holls (and a few pringles!!) I have lost 4 ounces heheheeh.. was expecting a big gain chemist reckoned it was because i had followed refeed properly before I went away.. not recommending coming off tfr then back on as i have found it very hard.. but those little 4 ounces has perked me up and made me motivated again whoop whoop xxx
Well done u must be well happy at that, keep up the good work x
hey thanks laure, are you in fife.. i lived in leven for a while!!!

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