Back from the Doctors...


God you can tell i'm a Doctor Who fan... i always type Doctor with a capital D lol.

Anyway, she was very nice and understanding and has given me a 2 week course of tablets to help with anxiety, she said it won't probably start working until after 2 weeks but she wanted my body to get used to it, then in 2 weeks i need to go back to her, tell her how i'm feeling and go from there.

She wants to refer me to a psycologist (or something along the lines of) because she feels me stress and anxiety is deep rooted (Gee, with my family history and past i would never have guessed... :rolleyes:) and the only way to deal with it properly is to sort through it or something...
I'm not too keen about sitting on a sofa with a box of tissues crying about everything wrong with me and my life but hey, it's worth a shot. Anything's gotta be better than feeling like this i suppose...

Anyway, thank you to everyone for your continued help and support with this delicate matter and i will keep you posted about it all.

Love and hugs to every one of you xxxxxx
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I am like you and it took some time before I decided to give the counselling thing a try. So pleased i did and it definately helped as it is often easier to talk to someone you don't know than someone to close to home.

And the pills worked for me too

Irene xx


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Glad things went okay for you.

The thought of talking all of it through with someone can be daunting to say the least, but it's the rbest way to deal with the roots/causes of your anxiety. By doing that you'll hopefully, eventually be able to deal with things without tablets etc.

Thinking of you xx



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Glad to hear she was nice and understanding! Its a v. good sign that she wants to see you in 2 weeks and that she is going to sort you out with a psychologist and not just stuff you full of medication! She obviously feels that you stress and anxiety are a reaction to things that have happened to you, so just giving you medication wouldnt solve the problems, but just paper over the cracks so to speak. A good psychologist will give you strategies to cope with life & anxiety so that you dont need to stay on the medication.

How are you feeling about it all?



I feel ok...
Still feel a bit silly for going and all that but oh well lol.
I told my boyfriend about it all and he's being very supportive. He thinks a pshycologist will help me as most of my stress/anxiety is about my past and thoughts/emotions etc and just pills won't do anything to that...

I've got to go to the pharmacy at 3:30 to pick up the tablets and i've booked a follow up appointment in 2 weeks so i'll see how i feel then and whathaveyou... xxx


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Well done on going! I'm glad you didn't back out.

Good news that she wants to see you again in 2 weeks. Make sure you go or we'll be on your case :p

There seems to be a bit of a stigma about going to councelling. but please don't get hung up about it. It's surprising how much better you'll feel after a good bawl and a box of tissues with someone who will not pass judgement on you, but is very happy to listen and help you feel better and come to terms with things that have happened in life. It really will be good for you. Trust me, from experience.

Hope you start to feel better soon.


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please please don't you dare feel silly about going, a lot of people have been through this and the doctors know how to deal best with it. It does take a while for the tablets to kick in, i know, but believe me that once they have and with the help of a spot of councelling you will feel better. Anxiety has been the biggest problem in my life for years, what with panic attacks (oh my god how frightening etc etc) and other associated problems. I think that if you are suffering from anxiety this will help you to learn how to deal with it each time you experience it. My doctor said going on the tablets give my brain a chance to think logically and hopefully when you come off them you are then used to thinking logically again etc etc. (what brain I say) Anyway, lots of love and keep us posted. Oh and start taking those tablets xxxxx


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Well done B on going to the docs. I'm glad she was nice. It always makes things easier. Just remember we are always here for you and never ever feel that you are being silly.
Hugs Sue

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the only way is up from now have done the biggest thing and gone to see the doc........with the help of pills and talkin out your will get better and the old black dog feelin u have now will start to lift.........until one day u wake up and actually feel any one time 1 person in 10 have depression and panic u aint on your own......lets know how u get on............been where u are now...and its does lighten and life does get to be fun again and not a long black tunnel like u feel your in now...........good luck girl....xxxx


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well done on being brave and going. that's hardest step. seeing a psychologist is a good idea - it's not all sitting on a sofa with tissues!! i have done the tablets and the psychologist and think both are worth a shot as you can get something out of both approaches. be kind to yourself. x


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Ah, I'm so pleased you went. Well done...going to the docs is the hardest thing, but she sounds really supportive.

I have a couple of friends who go for counselling. Both of them are really together type of people, both really professional, wise and positive people, but for whatever reason chose to see a counsellor. And both of them LOVE it. I think the ability to spill with the counsellor gives them room to breathe and be strong in their public lives. Does that make sense?

In fact, they've both done such a good job of de-stigmatizing it, and bigging it up, that I've tried to find a good reason for me to go and see one of them too!

Keep us informed chick-pea. Well


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good to see your GP is being supportive. i've had counselling for anxiety and it took over a year to see someone, but it was worth the wait. i sat and talked for an hour each week, crying my eyes out and when i left i used to feel really drained and i'd go home and have a really deep peaceful sleep. for me counselling didn't work miracles, but it definately helped me offload some baggage and think about things in a different way.

hope it works for you :)


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Its really good that you have a supportive doctor. Some GP's can be really bad. Counselling may be a good thing for you, at least he/she may be able to help you to understand that the way your feeling is normal considering what you have been through and they maybe able to give you techiniques to use when you are feeling anxious to help you relax.

Good luck with it all x


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im glad you got the courage to go in the end, hope things are starting to get easier for you x